Thursday, January 04, 2007

Susan, A to Z

A-Available or single? Available only to Hubby.
B-Best Friend? Karen M. and Aim-ee W.
C-Cake or pie? Cake, warm flourless chocolate with raspberries
D-Drink of choice? Skim, sugar free vanilla latte, red wine, gin & tonic
E-Essential item I use every day: Cetaphil cleanser
F-Favorite color? Pink
G-Gummy Bears or Gummy worms? Bears
H-Hometown? Clarksville, TN
I-Indulgence? Pureology Nanoworks Shampoo & Conditioner, at $50 a bottle for something you wash down the drain, it better be an indulgence!
J-January or February? February... Valentine's Day
K-Kids and names - None yet, but the conversations have started!! So many ideas... Riley, Madison, Channel for my Grandmother, Lucy, for my favorite Aunt, Lilian for his mother, Zane. L-Life is incomplete without? Books, laughter, love
M-Marriage date - November 12, 2005
N-Number of siblings: 2, both older brothers
O-Oranges or apples? Apples, granny smith
P-Phobias or fears? Big jumping crickets
Q-Favorite quote? "Put on your big girl panties and deal with it".
R-Reasons to smile? My dogs, comfy PJ's, In Style magazine
S-Season? Fall
T-Tag Don't think I want to put this on anyone else...
U-Unknown fact about me: I won a bunny rabbit in a coloring contest when I was in the 1st grade.
V-Vegetable you don't like: English peas
W-Worst habit: Being negative about myself
Y-Your favorite food? Cheese
Z-Zodiac? Pisces


Monogram Momma said...

I saw that quote on a hand towel in a little shop last week and cracked up. Hysterical!

Sean Carter said...
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Paige Lynn said...

Love that quote!