Monday, January 22, 2007

Church shoes vs. verses

As a child, I attended Sunday School every week with my Grandmother, affectionately referred to as Meme. She would pick me up in the morning and I was always impressed by her great shoes. She would drive over in one pair, then change into her "church" shoes, just to come in... then go through the ordeal of changing back into the driving shoes to only replace them with the church shoes once we were safely in the parking lot of the church. I was secretly amazed that she always remembered to make the change! The rest of my family wasn't overly religious, but I guess Meme wanted to ensure that I was brought up in a church setting.

Our minister spoke yesterday about the many verses and Chapters of the Bible and I realized that the last time I really paid them any attention was while attending Sunday School with Meme. She would sometimes quiz me on the Chapter names and order on our weekly drive. I think I was really only interested in which shoes she was wearing that morning.

I found myself thinking about their importance and if it would be helpful to better know the Bible, the many verses and stories. Or would it just turn me into one of "those" people who can spout out quotes without really understanding their meaning? I have known several people who have read the Bible, cover to cover. Me, not so much. Anyone out there who has added the Bible to their required reading list?

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