Thursday, January 11, 2007

In need of a motivational kick in the bum

With the New Year, along with all of the others, I also made a resolution to work out more and be healthier. I did make it to a cycle class last night, but my motivation to run as somehow flown out the window. We have races scheduled and I have barely put in any mileage. They are a relay marathon (I'll run a 10K), a 5 miler, a 10K and a half marathon, starting in February. I have also found little 100 calorie packs of baked Cheetos. OK, not anything that is considered gourmet or even palatable by most, but for whatever reason, these little puppies have been very satisfying around 3pm. I'm sure I could be doing worse, eating-wise, but still!

So, is anyone else out there feeling like me or perhaps you can motivate me with some good words of wisdom to get me off my rear?

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