Friday, September 01, 2006

100 Things About Me

It seems as if every blog I read has a "100 things". Sheesh, it's taken me forever, so here it is... I'm sure I've forgotten something very important!

1. I am married to a charming, funny and genuine man.
2. I was born and raised in middle Tennessee.
3. I do not like gravy. On anything.
4. My husband & I have two black Labrador retrievers.
5. I was recently diagnosed with exercise induced asthma.
6. I recently completed my 1st Half Marathon.
7. Pink is my favorite color.
8. I play tennis.
9. I received a BS in Communications, with an emphasis in Public Relations.
10. My first "real" job was in the marketing department of a shopping center.
11. I currently work in "partner services" for a small marketing and mulitmedia agency.
12. I worked in Yellowstone National Park for 2 summers.
13. Yellowstone National Park is one of my all time favorite places.
14. Paris, France is also in my top 10 list.
15. My parents have been married for over 46 years.
16. I have two older brothers who live in Tennessee.
17. My two best friends from nursery and elementary school were my Matrons of Honor in my wedding.
18. My favorite candy is Hot Tamales.
19. I drive an Audi A4.
20. I prefer to drive a stick shift over an automatic.
21. My first car was a silver Volkswagen Rabbit, named "Bucky".
22. I love ice cream. Chocolate mint is my favorite.
23. My Grandmother "Meme" used to take me to Baskin Robbin's every Sunday afternoon.
24. Meme smoked all of her life and lived until her 90's.
25. I have only tried smoking once, due to one of my childhood friends- see #17.
26. I do drink socially and typically it's one of my 3 favorites: Gin & Tonic, (Bombay Sapphire or Tanqueray), Red Wine or Hoegaarden beer with an orange.
27. I attended both private and public schools and a Montessori kindergarten.
28. One of my favorite toys as a child was a huge orange, fuzzy worm named "Snuggly".
29. I also had a pillow that I carried around named "Dir-Dir".
30. I have been known to be sarcastic.
31. I received a 1st place award during the Annual Art Show when I was in 7th grade.
32. I also received a 1st place award in a 4-H competition.
33. We had a 4-H Cornbread Competition, but I didn't place in that one.
34. I have traveled to France once.
35. I have been to St. Maarten twice and Antigua once.
36. My only other times out of the country were Canada and Mexico.
37. I have a horrible sense of direction.
38. I learned calligraphy when I was in elementary school.
39. I addressed all 300+ of our wedding invitations and place cards using my calligraphy skills!
40. I had braces as an adult and actually had them on for my wedding portrait.
41. I love to make lists and even more, cross items off the list!
42. I am somewhat addicted to the Food Network, kitchen gadgets and kitchen stores.
43. I enjoy cooking, but according to my husband, I rarely cook!
44. My husband and I rate potential houses on the fact if they have a good "Christmas Tree" location.
45. I love white tee shirts, both short and long sleeved.
46. I was the president of my college sorority, ahem women's fraternity - Go Chi O!
47. I have been a member of the Junior League since 2000.
48. I have always had dogs in my family - I grew up with cocker spaniels and at one point, we had 4.
49. Our labs make me smile each and every day. No one else is as excited to see me, even if it only has been 2 hours since the last time we were together.
50. As much as I love it on other dogs, I don't dress ours in any costume-y outfits or sweaters. Our female does wear a pink & green argyle collar, but that's as preppy as it gets.
51. I love cable-knit sweaters that are pretty much perfect three seasons here in the Southeast.
52. My favorite flowers are hydrangeas, daffodils, gardenias and star gazer lilies.
53. I read an insatiable amount of books as a child. Other than drawing, it was always my favorite past time.
54. My parents were 30 and 40 when I was born.
55. My husband is so afraid that we won't have children by the time he's 40.
56. Twins run in my family.
57. In college, I started out as a Psychology major, then thought about Art, went undecided for a while and ended up in Communications.
58. My favorite saying in college was "All men are dogs, they're just different pedigrees".
59. I hate creepy crawly insects, but am most afraid of the brown jumping crickets.
60. I have recently lost two toenails due to running.
61. I am a planner and it stresses me out when I have to just "do something & fly by the seat of my pants".
62. I learned how to ski in college at Paoli Peaks, IN.
63. I also received a black eye and bruised arse from my first time skiing, due to an ugly crash.
64. My favorite place I have ever skied is Vail, CO.
65. My husband proposed to me on New Year's Day, 2005 in Snowshoe Mtn., WV.
66. My wedding ring is engraved with "Love, Me" and 11-12-05.
67. I will buy lip gloss or shoes if I can't find proper fitting pants to buy.
68. I love stationery and paper products.
69. I also have a thing about pens - I have 3 Mont Blancs and love the way a UniBall pen writes.
70. I took piano lessons as a child, but hated to practice. I once recorded myself playing and then would try to play the tape when I was supposed to be practicing.
71. Disorder gets to me - I like things to have their own little place or cubbie. Just like in pre school.
72. I have a hard time accepting compliments.
73. I always write thank you notes for gifts or other acts of kindness. My mother instilled this in me when I was little, because I wasn't allowed to play with my gifts until the thank you notes were finished.
74. The first boy I ever kissed was Matt Hooper, my fellow kindergartner.
75. The first boy I really kissed was Scott, one my best friend's cousins.
76. In college, my roommate and I decided that we must be intimidating to guys and that was the reason that we weren't getting asked out. I now realize it was because oversized button downs, jeans and duck boots were all we wore and probably with a sweatshirt tied around our waist.
77. To buy beer when I was 20, I used to use one of my sorority sister's drivers license. I don't think we looked anything alike, but somehow it worked.
78. I have never talked myself out of a speeding ticket.
79. I never had a class ring in high school.
80. My Meme would always buy me a new Easter and Christmas dress, each year and often from Laura Ashley.
81. I think my mom made me wear the same dress each and every Sunday to go to Sunday school.
82. I attended Sunday school nearly each Sunday with my Meme. She would always take me to lunch afterward. We typically went to Pic A Rib, Shoney's or a place called The Plaza.
83. I'm pretty sure that I ordered a grilled cheese sandwich where ever we went.
84. Now, as an adult, I still love a grilled cheese sandwich with a cup of tomato soup.
85. I do not like english peas, horseradish or raw onions.
86. I do not understand how my husband doesn't like salad or almost any vegetable.
87. I loved planning our wedding and would probably do this for a living if I could get the guts and money to start my own business.
88. I kept all of my Martha Stewart wedding magazines, but got rid of the rest.
89. When I tried on the wedding dress that I ended up buying, I broke out in hives.
90. I am an avide tooth-brusher and face washer. I wash my face every night, no matter how late or how many glasses of wine. I keep a toothbrush and 'paste at my office & also depending on purse size, with me at all times.
91. I love buying and using make up and products, but really keep my makeup to a minimum.
92. I am always in awe of my friends who have kids, a family, work, volunteer and make it all look so easy.
93. I love listening to 80's music or music from my college days. My iPod looks like a crazy explosion has taken place.
94. Even though I was born and raised in TN., near "Music City", I am not a country music fan.
95. I was laid off twice in one year.
96. My Aunt Lucy and Uncle Horace were two of my favorite relatives.
97. I never knew my Grandfather and don't remember my mom's twin sister who died when I was 3.
98. As kids, my neighbor Angie and I would tell people that we were sisters. Angie was tall, long-legged and blonde. I was short, small and brunette.
99. I have always loved Halloween.
100. I was published in the Red Mud Review for poetry.

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