Saturday, January 27, 2007

The List

My husband and I have an agreement about my "list". If these men ever come knocking on our door, declaring their undying love for me, hubby has agreed to look the other way, forget & forgive.

Lately, I have a new addition to my list. I haven't even professed this new love to my husband. It's Tucker Carlson. (Sigh). I don't know if it's his political banter, his preppy ties or that brown flippy hair. With the 2008 political race getting started, I'm sure I will have many opportunities to "see" my new man.

Others on my list include, and in no particular order: John Cusack, Patrick Dempsey, LL Cool J and Anthony Kedis. And all are for different reasons. And just so the record states, Patrick Dempsey has been on my list since "Can't Buy Me Love" and not the recent Gray's Anatomy fame.


Unknown said...

Tucker and Patrick Dempsey are on my list. You know our Jack Russell's name is Dempsey!

WSU Laura said...

I so agree with LL Cool J. YUMMY ABS! I just added Daniel Craig after seeing him in Casino Royale and then Vin Diesel, abs and bad boys.

Kimba said...

Ohhh I am so with you on Tucker. After the first time i saw him a few years ago i googled if he was married, i enjoy his show for many reasons!

MC said...

Tucker is so cute and the whole preppy thing makes him even cuter.