Thursday, February 28, 2008

Here's the cheesy macaroni casserole

This is a link to the casserole recipe aka Taco Bake that we made this weekend. Very yummy, very easy, probably not very healthy seeing that Mac & Cheese is the main ingredient, but I guess that's beside the point. I think Hubby commented "now this is comfort food." and I think he was right.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Week in review

Not much in the way of posts this week ... so what else have I been doing?

Working - busy and good. Our department is getting restructured and we are adding an event planner and my boss is changing. I think it's for the best, but like anything, it's change and an adjustment for all of us.

Sleeping - due to some sciatic nerve pain and being pregnant, I've started sleeping with a pillow between my knees. The problem is I end up kicking it out of bed every night, so I'm not sure if it's doing much good.

Eating - we made a yummy and easy beef/pasta/cheese/salsa mexican style casserole this weekend and I think I ate it for every meal for a few days. Well, not breakfast. For breakfast, I made some yummy banana bread that Zoe (whom I caught red-pawed) also nibbled on. Naughty girl.

Meeting - lots of Junior League meetings this week. 3 in all this week.

Exercising - I started prenatal yoga which is great. Lots of stretching and preparing our muscles for childbirth. All I can think about is that I may be destined for a C-section, but at least my thighs will be strong.

Shopping - Mainly just looking at this point. The Spring influx of consignment sales is starting, so I'll be hitting the Moms of Multiples sale this Friday on my lunch hour. I also found this adorable website for crib bedding. I've ordered swatches of fabric, so cross your fingers.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

I'm a Smart Marketing Genius!

Hey, it's what this test told me that I was! At least someone thinks that I am. Hmmm, possibly I should add this to my resume or tell my boss at my next review. In all actuality, it may mean that I watch too much TV and read Ad Age on a consistent basis!

Take it for yourself.

Thanks to Kimba for the link!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Southern Proper does it again

A little distraction came across my email during the debate. An announcement of "Southern Drawls" by Southern Proper. Aren't these cute? Of course, I love them because of the tiny little black labs! Check out Beau, their black lab on the website. Adorable.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hopefully, I'm not to blame

From time to time, we receive an automated reminder message for a man who doesn't live at our house for an upcoming appointment with his Doctor. Lately, I've noticed that just the hospital name will show up on our Caller ID, but no message.

I haven't been able to find a phone number with a real person so I can try to call back someone to tell them that this man doesn't live here, so he probably doesn't even know about his appointments.

Then my mind really starts racing ... what if these appointments are life-threatening and he doesn't know about it? In my mind, he's elderly and probably has to have someone to drive him to these appointments. He doesn't even realize that he's been missing out on these for several months. All because of me and my answering machine. His days are probably numbered.

Hubby would tell me that I have an OVERactive imagination, but I still can't help but wonder who this guy is, what appointments is he missing, and does he realize that he's not even receiving his little automated reminder calls?

Ok, and is anyone else on Blogger whose spell check isn't working? This is also very scary, because there is no telling how poor my spelling is without that handy little device!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Things I'm loving today

These cute Emma dishes from Pottery Barn. We have the white, but I could almost convince myself to switch. Or add a set of the green to mix & match.

That my jonquils are starting to bloom. Since we moved in the new house in September, we weren't sure about all of the flowers that were planted. These are my favorite, so I was excited to see them. I just hope they make it since it's not even Spring yet.

Hot Tamales from my Hubby for Valentine's Day. Yum. Glad I've had no strange aversion to artificially flavored cinnamon candy!

The flowers that Hubby also gave me for V-Day - pale green hydrangea, deep red roses, and blackberries.

If we decide not to find out the genders of the babies, I think this crib bedding is so much fun. What's not to love? Argyle & polka dots?

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Asking for invites, please

All Things Kimba and MMM, may I please have an invite to read? You can find my email in my contact information.

Many thanks!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh

It's snowing!! I know if you are in MN or anywhere in the North, you really want to hit me, but I didn't realize that snow was even predicted for today. So imagine my surprise when leaving my friend's house that it is really coming down, sticking to everything, and looking beautiful outside.

Of course, I did see jonquils popping out the other day, so that makes me kind of sad, but I have been wanting atleast one good snow this year, so maybe I'm in luck. I think it's supposed to end later tonight, but I can still enjoy it for a little while.

I'm worse than a school kid wondering if schools is closed tomorrow. Hubby took pictures for me this morning, as shown above.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I promise ...

That I'm not turning this into a baby blog, but have you seen this? Leave it to Kate Spade to design such a simple and adorable stroller. Oh, if they had it in a twin, I'd be in trouble.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Babies R Us and SUV's, oh my

We started out yesterday morning by checking out a baby consignment sale ... no, you can't buy any babies there, but hoardes of baby clothes, toys, equipment, etc. Needless to say, Hubby and I were a wee bit overwhelmed by the whole thing, decided that if we knew the genders, I could have racked up on adorable Ralph Lauren dresses, but other than that, we thought a lot of the equipment looked a little more used and worn than we hoped, so we left.

Since we just needed a little more stimulation, we then went to Babies R Us, where it was more sensory overload. We did test out some twin strollers, were given advice by passer-by's (the side by side strollers are too big for anywhere inside) (duh), Hubby tested out some gliders, and I decided that I didn't like any bedding they had, we looked for the eleusive "twin pack and play", squeezed a few teddy bears, and once again, it was enough, so we left.

By now, I'm hungry, so a little lunch was in order. I say little, but I ate an entire pizza from here, along with a salad, and really contemplated a lemon bar. I didn't even feel stuffed. Scary!

On we went to CarMax for more sensory overload, but this time in car form. Since we know that the Audi A4 will be too small for two car seats, I really just wanted to see what some of the SUV's were like, so we did a lot of sitting and measuring. My favorite of the day, the Acura MDX. It had the most storage space, but doesn't feel huge and I can see over the top of the hood. I'm 5'3", so this matters. It's still pretty sporty - friends keep telling me to suck it up and buy a minivan, but I just can't do it. I may change my mind in a couple of years, but for now, I'm sticking to my decision.

From there, it was home - we managed to come home empty handed, but I enjoyed a 2 hour nap for me and hubby found the twin pack and play online where it had mixed reviews.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Livin' for the weekend

Ok, I must really have no life because I'm excited because I actually have plans for both Friday and Saturday night. Plus, I've had them both since Monday.

Tomorrow night, I'm getting together with several girls from the Junior League for dinner. I see most of these ladies on a regular basis, but we don't always have time for true social time. It will be nice to relax and enjoy a nice dinner and not talk "League" business.

On Saturday, Hubby and I are attending a dinner group that is part of our church. We have been a little slack in our church attendance lately and when we were invited to join a group, I felt like we really should go and get up and go to church the next day. It's with 3 other couples that we know from church, but don't really know well, so I hope it will be good to meet a few new people.

Hubby is at a triathalon class at the gym and I'm getting hungry and have no idea what I want for dinner. (Story of my life.) Must go forage around the kitchen to see if there is anything other than pimento cheese and wheat thins that I should have .

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Big ol Sap

Did I tell you what I did during the Super Bowl? I cried, or teared up or whatever you want to call it. No, not because of the Patriots loss, it was because of this ... At least I can claim pregnancy, but did this ad pull at anyone else's heartstrings?

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Some news to share ...

I wanted to let you in on some news that I've been writing about in recent posts, but of course, a few hints before I let you in on the secret ...

My typical 10am snack has changed from a banana to this ...

My daily vitamin intake has increased as well ... (I'm kind of embarrased, because my hands look really dry in this photo.)

I carry this prescription around, just in case ...

I've often found these treats to be really, really good ...

My nighttime reading has changed from this ....

to this ...

Several of my pants have this fancy waistband ...

And we've started receiving sweet little gifts like these ...

I'm sure you've guessed, but the news is that I'm expecting and due August 7, but our big news is that I'm expecting TWINS!! So that surprise that I hinted about on Tuesday will more than likely be here by mid July.

And, yes, Zeus & Zoe know the news. We're not sure if they understand that this means fewer belly rubs for them and getting used to lots of crying and diapers, but we think they'll be a great big "sister" and "brother." Or, if worse comes to worse, we can just saddle a baby on each dog!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Preppy drama at work

For our upcoming issue of the magazine, one of the features is including a guide to Preppy. Yes, did I tell you that I love working here? There will be fun stories on several stores, boutiques, and designers that contribute to the classic style in our state. Hello, this designer is from NC. How can we not do an article about him? With every issue, we send postcards to our advertisers reminding them about deadlines for the next issue and for this particular card, we featured our preppy article.

Well, one of our not-so-preppy clients sent a rather scathing email stating that calling out preppy was basically a racial slur. Now, we never meant any of this to be anything but a fun set of stories on style, shopping, and maybe a sidebar on good tennis courts and which bar makes the best G&T. Luckily, one of our sales reps talked to the woman, helped her understand our side, and made it all better.

What was even better is that another sales rep decided that now every Friday at our office should be deemed Preppy Friday. Whoopee! I finally won't stand out in my cable knit sweater over button down shirt with pearl earrings ensemble anymore!

Say hello to my little friend ...

One of my very best friends has started her own blog. Please stop by and say hello! Just wanting to make sure I keep up my Southern hospitality.

She and I have attended elementary school together, worked at Yellowstone together, attended grad school and lived together, were each others maids/matrons of honors in our weddings, and I am the Godmother to her son. Now, if we could just live in the same state again, we'd be even happier! A girl could not ask for a better friend. Now, don't go digging around for any dirt on me ... I'm hoping it is buried deep. Don't ask about cheese waffles or picking up men at the grocery. I will deny, deny, deny.