Friday, January 26, 2007

Eyebrow Shapage

I've been neglecting the brows as of late... It's actually been months, which is probably rather scary. Now you are talking to a girl who had never had them waxed until '99 - don't know how my Mom forgot that life lesson!

When I was working part-time for a friend who owns a local hair salon, I had Angela, one of the girls who worked there do the monthly shaping. She did a great job, but I've since gone back to full time employment and Angela is no longer doing brows. Mine have since been neglected, except when I can steal a few minutes of good sunlight & my Tweezerman's!

To my surprise, 2 local waxers had left their respective salons to open The Brow Lounge. I love the name and the concept. They only do waxing, and they do all kinds. They also have neat gifts to go along with waxing. They are currently offering a cute Valentines PJ set to go along with your, ahem bikini wax. I wonder what a Brazilian will get you?! Just getting the eyebrows tonight.. not sure what I'll pick up as a gift for that!

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Preppy Wedding said...

So cute. My waxer went on maternity leave about a year ago and decided not to come back. I haven't found someone I like as much!