Tuesday, August 31, 2010


So, in March, I put this goal out to the internet of running 5 half marathons this year. So far, I've run two and my third is this weekend.

It's the 4th and 5th that are wreaking havoc on my life and turning me into an obsessed woman.

I've been planning on running a local half marathon in October, but the clincher is that it's the weekend after the Susan G. Komen 3-day walk. When I talked to my running coach about it, she said absolutely no way should I run it.

I have found two other half's that are nearby, they are both Sept. 18, and both look pretty hard. (One goes up a mountain, and the other is in the mountains/foothills of NC ~ described as "mainly flat, but remember that we are in the mountains.") Also, I'm debating if should I really run another one that close to the Virginia Beach half. Or, I can look at it that I'll still be in half marathon shape, and should just go for it!

Of course, I have no idea how I'll feel after the Komen walk, or what kind of blisters I could have, so I'm tempted to go with one of the September races so I can get #4 out of the way, but I like the idea of having a little more time in between races. I have found 2 choices in December that will work with my schedule, so hopefully that should take care of #5. What to do, what to do?

Anyone walked a 60 mile/3 day event before, then run a half marathon the next weekend? I don't want to get injured or do something stupid, but I've also realized that I'm more stubborn than I thought and really want to make this goal a reality this year.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Moving to the country, I'm gonna eat a lot of peaches

Peaches have been so good this season ... it really doesn't seem to matter where you buy them. Farm stand on the road, farmers market, Harris Teeter, or even (gasp) Wal*Mart.

I really love to eat them with my cereal, and my cousin gave me a handy-dandy peach pitter and slicer from Williams-Sonoma. This thing works like a charm unless you have an overly ripe peach, and then you get a big, squishy mess.

I think I may tend to like a little cereal with my peach as witnessed this morning.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday Ramblings

Oh, my posts just keep getting fewer and further between.

So, here are today's rambling thoughts ...
  1. I surpassed my minimum fundraising goal for my upcoming Komen 3-Day walk. My latest donation pushed me over the $2300 mark! So excited that the "hard" part is done ... now to walk 60 miles!
  2. I lost my third toenail of the year. It's always the same toenail that I lose and I just went up another half size on my shoes. I can't figure out what is causing it. Fortunately, or unfortunately, the toe"nail" underneath is a pinkish shade, so it almost matches the rest of my painted toes.
  3. I started this blog almost 4 years ago! Can you believe it. Here's my very first post. Obviously, I had no idea what I was doing back then either. It's funny that some things remain the same ... Hubby's still cooking dinner, we're still running, Zeus and Zoe are still around, and I'm still volunteering with the Junior League.
  4. My Mom cracked me up today. By the way, she is doing well ... she's done with chemo, is now halfway through radiation, and will continue to receive another anti-cancer drug every three weeks until April. I believe that she will do another scan after the radiation to check things out. Oh, and how she cracked me up ... She told me that her hair was coming back, but unfortunately her facial hair was coming back as well. Nice and coarse, Mom told me. She's always made me promise that I won't leave her in a retirement home with whiskers coming out of her chin.
  5. I had my mammogram yesterday and talked with my OB about a lot of different things ... possibly having genetic testing to see if my Mom had the Braca gene and possibly passed it on. It is the gene for breast or ovarian cancer. That is something that I'm not even able to wrap my head around and think about right now.
  6. Note to self: When you eat cake three nights in a row, and Feeney's twice in one weekend, and you hop on the scale on Monday morning, don't question where the extra 4 pounds came from. Apparently running 15 miles DOESN'T give you the ability to eat anything you want!
  7. Oh, I found blue crayon marks on the sofa. Joy. Thank God for washable crayons and washable slipcovers. Too bad it's on the body of the sofa, so the whole big slipcover is going to have to come off.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

15 miles and Feeney's

Well, I did it. My half marathon plan called for 13 miles on Saturday, but there were several people who were going up to 15 and I wanted to see if I could do it and I did it. 15 miles ... whoo-hoo!

It was actually a very good run, with the exception of the last mile or so. Someone told me that your body wouldn't know how to react once you went past 13 (or whatever mileage is your highest) and that was true. I could feel myself slowing down and really had to think about what I was doing so I wouldn't get sloppy. But, I did it and felt pretty good.

I was surprised at how quickly the miles went by. We got to mile 7, then to 10, and it hit me that I was really going to do 15.

My Garmin froze at 11.66 miles, so that stunk, because I'm a little OCD about using the Garmin for miles/pace, etc. My time kept going, but no pace and no distance. The guy who I ran with had the same problem, but he was able to restart his so that made me happy.

Now, it's taper time and in 2 weeks, race day. Wow.

I also discovered another new love ... Feeney's frozen yogurt. A self serve froyo bar with lots of yummy fresh fruit, chocolate candies, gummy worms, sprinkles, sauces, etc,etc. So, so good. Great flavors and let's just say that I was worried my cup was going to cost $18 (you pay by the ounce), but luckily it didn't. Here's to hoping that $3.50 isn't bad. I am glad that it's not too close to my house, but I can definitely tell that this may be my new addiction. Yum.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

ending with cake

Yesterday, I worked, came home and did Mom duties until 6:30, then went to a meeting at 7pm that lasted until after 11. So, I got home around 11:30, read for a few minutes and tried to go to sleep as quickly as possible.

I woke up about 5:15 to walk 5 miles with some teammates at 5:45, came home at 7am, showered and got ready for work. I worked, came home and did Mom duties, and did enjoy 30 minutes of light dozing while Hubby read books and played with Maddy and Libby.

I am exhausted and ready for bed. It's only 8:34 PM. Plus, I have to get up a little before 5 to meet my running girls for 6 miles at 5:30. This is the point in the training that I am over it ... especially these early morning runs 3 days a week.

But do you know one good thing? Both days ended with cake. Yummy cream cheese frosting, strawberry filled cake. Carb loading, right!?
More days should include cake.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Proud parent

I'm so proud of my girls and their different accomplishments ...

Maddy has gone to the bathroom on the potty for two nights in a row. Yeah, Maddy!

Libby has been counting to 10, usually missing the number 6, but she gets the rest. Yeah, Libby!

It's funny ... I don't think Maddy has any idea what she has done, even when we applaud and basically act like idiots over her achievement. However, Libby, while sitting on her potty tonight, pointed to the other potty and said "Sister potty." Then, she clapped.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A little look

After I get home from running on Saturday mornings, Maddy loves to put on my socks. Kind of gross, but it's so cute to see my ankle-length socks come up her calves. Yesterday, she put on both my socks and shoes. A future runner, perhaps?

When I'm lucky, Libby and Maddy will give kisses. I was just surprised to see that they would give one to each other. I guess it doesn't matter that 3 hours earlier, they were probably biting each other.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Growing up

I know I've said this a thousand times and you all are sick of hearing it, but some days, I just can't believe that my babies are growing up. I swear they change overnight.

For instance, Libby has counted to four recently. On her own, not with me badgering her. She had placed 4 bathtub rings on her arm and as she took them off, she counted "1-2-3-4." They can both count higher if you ask them to repeat, but I was surprised that she did it on her own. She counted "1-2-3" as she walked up 3 steps tonight.

Also hearing them put together little sentences just amazes me. "Libby, shoes, outside." or "Here Mama, shoes." Maybe my girls are still a little obsessed with shoes!

It's been fun to see them start to pretend play more. Lately, they have been blowing bubbles with their spoons, making dinner in their pots and pans and looking for someone to sample their creation, and mothering their baby dolls.

While they can be very sweet to each other, they can also be quite mean. The sweet things have been patting each other backs, bringing one another blankies, doll, etc. Some of the mean times have included biting and pinching, so both of them have been spending some minutes in the time out chair. Once when Libby was in the time out chair for biting, Maddy brought her a toy. Think she'll be our sensitive child?

Enough rambling and sorry for no photos ... I need to charge camera batteries and maybe I'll get around to posting on a regular basis soon!

Monday, August 09, 2010

You know you're training for a half-marathon & Komen 3 Day Walk for the Cure when ...

You do more laundry of running clothes than anything else.

You seriously analyze which Gu flavor tastes the best, and make sure you stock up on them.

You don't think twice about having conversations about blisters, icing, foam rollers, Body Glide, port-a-potties, chafing, or calf stretches.

6 miles doesn't seem like that long anymore.

Your favorite pre-long run dinner is something with pasta.

You give strangers your opinion of the hand held water bottles in REI, without them asking.

Your latest shoe purchase are running shoes, and not cute sandals.

You just spent $17 on socks, but if you don't get blisters, then it's all worth it.

Friday, August 06, 2010

I had no idea

Did you know that SPANX made t-shirts for men? I guess they need to feel sucked in and smooth, just like we do.

I think I need a full body SPANX suit today. I don't think I'm helping matters that during the week I've eaten fried dill pickles and tater tots. Two different meals, but still.

I will have to say that the dill pickles were so worth it, and I'm glad that I'm running 11 miles tomorrow. I can't believe that my 3rd half marathon of the year will be here in just a few weeks. These hot temperatures haven't made training any fun at all and who knows how hot it will be at Virginia Beach for the actual event.

I have been using the Frogg Togg chilly pad and they are pretty amazing. They come in a big square and I've cut them in smaller pieces to carry with me. I've also been filling my water bottle about halfway, then freezing it overnight. Then, I fill it the rest of the way in the morning. Too bad that it didn't last as long as I had imagined, but at least the water stayed cold and not lukewarm like it typically does.

Happy Friday, everyone.

Thursday, August 05, 2010


We're moving to NYC ... Ok, ok, not really, but we'll be living there for 5 days this fall. Does that count? Yeah, probably not, but I'm pretending.

Hubby is running the NYC marathon again this year and we decided to make a little vacation of it since it's also near the time of our five year anniversary.

We were looking at hotels, debating if we wanted to return to where we stayed last year, and on a whim, decided to look at vbro.com

We've used vbro in the past and have had good experiences. Once, we rented a neat architect's home in Key West, and another time we stayed in a condo at Wrightsville Beach. We found two apartments that we liked and found out yesterday that the one we really wanted was available.

It's kind of exciting to feel like you're actually living in that location and not just visiting. We'll have a doorman, a great city view, 2 blocks from Central Park, close to the museums, shopping, etc. Plus, who doesn't love drinking coffee at "home" each morning, as opposed to dropping $10 each morning at Starbucks. Maybe I'll be like the scrunchie girl from Sex in the City who thinks that Carrie and Berger actually believes she lives in NYC.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Random Monday Ramblings

  • I've run 500 miles so far this year. My total for 2009 was a little over 500, so it feels pretty good to beat that already. Not sure if I'll make it to 1,000 ... I'll have to get in some serious miles in the next 5 months to do so.
  • I was starving this morning when I got to the grocery, so I did the trick that I see parents do for their kids all the time. I found a snack (Luna Blueberry Bliss bar), opened her up, and inhaled it. I saved my wrapper and gave it to the check out person who looked at me a little oddly. I felt like she was going to tell me, "You know, you could have shoved that wrapper in your purse and we would have never known."
  • When I was leaving the grocery, I had a man ask for 80 cents for the bus and he would unload my groceries for me. I had exactly no cash money on me, so I had to tell him no. Not that I would have let him unload my groceries for me, but I might have been willing to give him a little change. How sad is it that I didn't have 80 cents? Do you think bus fair is really 80 cents, or I wonder in the land of begging for money, if people are more likely to give you a dollar if you ask for less. I'm sure there is an art to the salesmanship of it.