Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Oops, I did it again

Remind me not to leave Hubby home alone with an Internet connection and a credit card.

I left on Sunday to visit a good friend of mine for a little overnight girls trip, and before I had arrived, I received an email that I was signed up for another half marathon.

Ok, so yes, we had talked about it, but I still had to laugh when I received the email that said "Thanks for registering." Whaat?

So, wish me luck that in less than a month, I'll be able to run a TRAIL half marathon. I used to trail run all the time, but that was many years ago when I was a little more brave and not worried about broken bones. Fast-forward some 15 years and I'm a lot older, hopefully a little wiser, and definitely more skittish about self induced bodily harm.

So, that is that. So, I guess I am really on my way to completing my goal of running 5 halfs this year. It would be nice to knock out 2 of them by the end of April. We shall see.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Spring has sprung around these parts. My yard is full of daffodils, even though I've decided that I could plant an entire yard full and still want more. I can see the tulips getting ready to bloom, and of course, a little pollen in the air, and noticing that our lawn needs to be mowed.

I also unpacked a few Easter goodies for around the house.

Mom gave me this little guy and he found a home on our rather unadorned mantle, along with some forsythia branches.

On the agenda this week, Easter egg dyeing (pastel glitter!), and putting together Easter baskets. Pretty simple around here ... one new book each, sidewalk chalk to share, and Little People that come in eggs. I think we'll round it out with either some goldfish crack-uhs or an-mul (animal) crack-uhs.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Has anyone ever been to a Sevier Skirt skirt party before? I noticed that one of my FaceBook friends became a fan, so I went to their page and website. Nosy? Probably. Curious, for sure.

I have to say, that I am in love with almost each and every one.

I would love to have a wardrobe of these fun skirts and then just wear a plain tshirt, turtleneck, or sweater and be done with it. Tights in the winter, bare legs in the summer. You'd always look pulled together and cute.

Surely, someone out there has to know about these adorable skirts. If not, let's throw a party and find out!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Lately, Libby is obsessed with shoes, especially ones that don't belong to her and her beloved, one-size-too-big snow boots.

As witnessed this afternoon, wearing my pointy toe sling backs.

One possibly, final attempt at the monthly chair photo. It just doesn't work anymore. If I hear of any twin moms that tell me that they kept this ritual up until their twins were 3, I may cry. I bet your kids also don't toss their sippy cups on the floor, or tell you "no" when you try to brush their teeth. Or, please tell me that you have somehow tied them to the chair, but you just can't tell it in the photos.

My little bitty babies are almost 2! OK, maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit, but June will be here in just a few short months and I really don't know where the time has gone.

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Firm

Hubby has a 3rd interview with a company this afternoon, and they have also asked to meet me. So, I'm going to lunch on Friday afternoon. Gulp. I totally feel like we may be in the movie, The Firm. I didn't realize that companies still did this ... it feels very old school.

So, of course some of my questions are where are we going for lunch, and what should I wear?

Lunch will be downtown, and still no idea what I'm wearing. Since I've been a quasi stay at home mom/part time marketer/unemployed marketer for nearly 2 years, my business attire is a little lacking.

Luckily, I have the trusty Ann Taylor black pants and a selection of spring-ish sweaters, so I think I'll be OK.

Now to brush up on current events so I don't blurt out something like "Have you seen the new BPA free children's plates from Tupperware?" or "You should have seen me trying to catch the roll away poop from Libby's diaper on Monday." or even better, "Guess what Maddy said today? Boogie! As in booger." Ugh.

It's hard enough to go on a job interview for yourself, but to go on one for your husband is a new one for me. I certainly don't want to be the one to mess it up!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Race Update

Right after I finished. Can I hold or wear one more gadget or piece of gear?

Whoo to the hoo, as one of my running buddies would say ... a new PR for me at 2:13:56. I did this same race last year and shaved 9 minutes off my time. There were plenty of hills to keep me honest, but I just felt good and went for it.

With my running buddy MM, after the race.

Our dynamic trio + one, well + two. We all ran the Virginia Beach half last summer. ET has temporarily gone on to better things right now ... making a cute baby, and I'm living vicariously through her instead of having more of my own.

Once I got to mile 10, I realized that I was way ahead of my 2:25 pace band, so I pulled out the 2:20 pace band, and realized that I was still ahead. That's when I got a little scared. Then I came up on and later passed the "fast" woman in our running club. Then I was a lot scared, but I did it!

Now, if my children will ever fall asleep, a shower and nap are in my future. I am really wishing that I had a hammock, but possibly a nap with the windows open will have to work.

It was great to have a wonderful running buddy and see our other running buddy who volunteered on the course today. Plus, the support of about 20 other ladies in our group who would always give you a smile and a "good job" when we saw each other on the course. I couldn't do this if it weren't for the support of all of them, and also Hubby, Maddy & Libby.

My support crew. Does it look like Libby is flashing gang symbols?

Hubby's "PR, PR, PR" chant this morning must have worked and knowing that I have people excited to see me finish is a great feeling while pounding away 13.1 miles!

My bags are packed ...

and I'm ready to go! I'm up early to eat some oatmeal with a banana and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

I'll be running my 5th half marathon later this morning. We have ended up with a gorgeous day (sun and high of 78 degrees). It should be in the 50's when we are running which will feel just about perfect, I hope.

A few things that I don't run without ...

  • My Fuel Belt water bottle. Packed inside are my GU Chomps.
  • For long runs, Glide. No real explanation needed, but it definitely helps prevent chafing.
  • Inhaler. Ugh, but necessary.
  • For races, my race number that is now pinned onto my shirt, oh, and my beer ticket for after the race.
  • Our handy dandy race pace bands. I made two different times for my running buddy & I. One a little slower and one a little faster. We'll see how we feel and decide.
  • I'm rolling that Biofreeze all over my neck. I won't smell pretty, but I still have a slight twinge to my neck and that should solve the problem.

Wish me luck everyone and I'll hopefully report back this afternoon!

Oh, and wish some luck to Hubby and my running buddy's Hubby who will be keeping up with two sets of twins, and a 4-year-old while they wait for us to finish! That may be harder than running this race.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Channeling Sex and the City

I would much rather be channeling Carrie's shoe or Charlotte's dress collections, but today, I feel just like the episode where Miranda threw out her neck.

I woke up and I could tell I had somehow tweaked it. Luckily, I didn't end up naked on the bathroom floor, wrapped in a bath mat to be saved by Aiden.

Of course, my half marathon is on Saturday and I've spent a good majority of the day with one of those heatable bean bag neck wraps around my neck.

I'm going for a little 2-mile run later and I'm hoping that will stretch out the kink and I'll be good to go. It's worked for me before and I'm just hoping that I'm not all messed up for Saturday.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Words heard lately in the D. family.

"Quack." - When Maddy and Libby see a duck or when asked what the duck says.
"Up" or "Up-see." When they want out of the high chair, crib, or up in your lap.
"Coat, Go." Pretty self-explanatory. "Get your coat on, and let's go!"
"Noooo." Again, pretty self-explanatory. "Do you want more milk?" "Nooooo." "Let's change your diaper." "Noooooo."
"Baby" For anyone (real or in pictures) under the age of 4.
"Baaaaa." As in what the sheep says.
"Naa-no." or "Naa-nu." Still trying to figure out what this one means. We think it may be a loose interpretation of "I want a..." "Naa-nu" = "wanna."
"Pasie" = Pacifier. We are now only using it at nap & bedtime. I'm hoping to give them away to some lucky baby by the time Maddy and Libby turn 2, so cross your fingers.
"Elmo" Yep, that red monster. This one may have surprised us the most, because they only have the Elmo telephone and two Elmo plates and don't watch Sesame Street. I do think there are some Elmo toys at their preschool, so I think that's how it's infiltrated.

We've also had an abundance of dancing, exploring, snuggles, hugging, book reading, swinging, oh, and banging on the cabinet when they want more crackers!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Thoughts about the census

I'm sure this post will have me on some Government watch list now, but here are my thoughts about the 2010 Census.

Did anyone else think that the mailing prior to the mailing of the actual Census was a big ol' waste of our government dollars? I understand the idea behind "save the dates", but I think the yard signs, television ads, and the big Census envelope arriving in my mail are sufficient.

What if you have more than 12 people in your house? What will Octomom and The Duggar family do?

I loved the way that the envelope was marked "Your response is required by law." Really? Am I going to jail if I don't return this form? Of course, I'm a good law-abiding citizen, so my form is neatly filled out and ready to be returned, but can they really enforce this? Are they going to arrest me if I don't return it?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Thinking about ...

  • I'm so excited that the daffodils have popped up in our yard, along with a few crocus, and camellia blooms. As much as I love seeing them outdoors, I may have to cut some daffodils to bring indoors since they are my favorite.
  • Not excited that I found an ink stain on the sofa today. We went out last night and I guess our sitter accidentally let a pen fall on the cushion and it left a spot not quite the size of a dime. We have tried OxiClean, alcohol, hairspray, and nothing is budging it. Luckily, it's one of the middle cushions, so I can flip it and I don't think it will show. It's still a pain. I knew it would happen one day, but I really figured it would be a child related stain like finger paint and not one from an adult.
  • Running 7 miles at 6:15am today (which is technically still 5:15am since it was Daylight Savings) meant a nice little nap this afternoon for me.
  • Wondering if our 45 minute unplugged church service still "counts." I am so used to that full hour of service and it's almost like I feel like I need to pay attention to the sermon longer, sing another song, or greet a neighbor, for it to feel like I've been to church. I will say enjoying a cup of coffee while at church isn't a bad thing.
  • Yummy "taco salad" that I'm getting ready to make for dinner. Romaine lettuce, cooked ground turkey breast with taco seasonings, black beans, pepper jack cheese, salsa, sour cream, and baked tostitos. Still healthy, but it hits the spot.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I really appreciate all of the sweet comments about my Mom. All I can say is that I have truly seen how resilient and tough she is. She was painting shutters the weekend after her lumpectomy, all without taking a pain pill.

She met with her Surgeon on Monday and found out that the cancer is in Stage I-B and it is invasive, but her lymph nodes were not affected. We had never heard of the "B" part before, but after talking with Mom and doing a little googling, I guess it's pretty common. Not perfect, but pretty good in terms of a diagnosis.

It's amazing how much information is out there and I've learned a lot in the past couple of days. Invasive basically means that it's left it's initial site and spread into the breast tissues.

Now more waiting ... she goes back in 2 weeks to meet with her Oncologist that will outline her treatment plan. I know this part will be the hardest on her, both mentally and physically, and probably on my Dad, brothers, and the rest of our family. Luckily, she has lots of good people at home to look after her and I'm trying to figure out a good time to go visit when I will be most helpful. If I go now, I'll be stuck painting shutters and ceilings at their rental house, but if I go later, I can help drive her to chemo, cook dinner, pick out wigs, and hopefully help her to feel as normal as possible. After all, what is more fun ... Mother/Daughter girly shopping or Mother/Daughter spackle and painting?

I was contacted by a good friend of mine who lost her Mom in 2008 to breast cancer and she is heading up a group of ladies who will be walking one of the Komen 3 Day walks for breast cancer. So, do you know what I did?

I signed up to walk 60 (!!) miles over a 3 day period in October, sleep in tents, and fund raise all in the name of finding a cure for breast cancer. I know I'll be talking a lot more about this decision and how I'm so scared about so many parts of it.

But, I was scared enough after seeing this happen to my Mom, my own scare last year, knowing a Mom of 2 who is only 40 having a double mastectomy and chemo, losing my Aunt, and watching other friends lose their Mom's to try to do something about it.

I know that the amount I will raise is just a small drop in the bucket when it comes to research dollars, but what if my little donation was the dollar that made a difference?

All I can think about is what if Maddy and Libby would only know breast cancer as one of those diseases that has a cure. How great would that be? That is my hope.

Help me reach my goal for the Susan G. Komen Washington, DC 3-Day for the Cure!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010


I know it's not technically here, but with a 70 degree day, it did feel like it.

I ran 4 miles around the neighborhood in shorts and a tee. I haven't done that in many months with the exception of on the treadmill and that doesn't count. It was actually hot and I came home pretty sweaty and flushed. Lovely, eh? But it felt so nice not to be bundled up in gloves, hats, earmuffs, fleecy vests, under armour shirts, etc.

So, the NC Marathon (and half marathon that I'm running) is in less than 2 weeks! Hopefully this will be my 1st of 5 half marathons that I would like to do this year. We'll see what happens. I'm not setting that goal in stone, but it's a nice thought and actually pretty do-able since we have several that I would be able to complete here without traveling.

It feels good to be in the "love" side of my sometimes love/hate relationship with running. (knocking on wood). I used to sometimes struggle to even be motivated to go for a run, but now I typically look forward to them. I know I'm not going out to win the race, but I am confident that I can finish, feel good, and have fun.

Friday, March 05, 2010


It's children's consignment sale season here in my city and I had to share a few finds from last night's shopping adventure. Hubby just laughed at my preppy picks for Maddy and Libby.

I typically match or coordinate Maddy and Libby and will probably do this until they tell me to stop or that I'm ruining their lives by dressing them alike. I just can't help it. I decided that I could match their shirts for these pants, since I couldn't find a mate. Sadly, I don't own any pink toile pants or I might even try to make it the whole Mother/Daughter matching show. It's probably a good thing I don't.

What's not to love about itty bitty seersucker capri pants?

Or itty bitty pink toile pants?

Don't worry, my Moms of Multiples sale is coming up next week, so there's still hope for Spring and Summer coordinating duds.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010


I had a meeting tonight and we celebrated with cupcakes in honor of my upcoming birthday.

Then another committee member showed up with a beautiful cake that she had decorated in her cake decorating class that we all got to sample.

Not a bad Wednesday night from a baked goods standpoint!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Really random Tuesday

  • I sampled some really good Derby sage cheese last night. Great flavor and texture. It's British and if you find any, I highly recommend it.
  • Homemade sourdough bread makes my girls very happy. Same as their Mama.
  • It's frustrating when your oil heat goes out while it's still winter. We thought there was a problem with the switch, but it turns out that we burned through 200 gallons of oil since November. That same amount lasted us almost 18 months before. What is even more frustrating is when the guy comes to fill it and doesn't check the pilot light. Now, they are having to come back out to relight it to the tune of $50.