Monday, January 29, 2007

Wedding tasks... one year later

This weekend, I finally took our "guest book" from our wedding to have framed. Yes, it's been over and year and should have been done by now! Instead of a traditional guest book, we had our guests sign on a document that included a passage read at our wedding, our names and dates. It's about an 11 x 14 in size. It was nice, because this is something that we will be able to see every day & remember all the nice folks who attended our special day. I wish I had a good photo to show it, but I will include one when it's finished at the framers.

Other wedding duties included opening a set of sheets that we received as a wedding gift. I washed and dried them & made the bed. I told my hubby that they seemed really big and didn't fit like our others. Later, while in bed, I couldn't fall sleep and at the same time, wondering if leaving the ceiling fan on during the day will cause a fire, I looked over & realized that I had turned the sheet the wrong way when I made the bed. DUH. So, I got up, since I was still awake and remade the bed! Hubby didn't like the way they felt and swears that the thread count on the others that we use are higher. I noticed that he didn't have any trouble falling asleep!


Melissa said...

We also got our guests to sign on the mat for one of our engagement pictures. Its framed in our bedroom and I love it!

suburban prep said...

That is a fabulous idea.
I had the usual book and I have to admit it is tucked in a drawer.

Preppy Wedding said...

Good to know that I'll still have something to do once the wedding is over!