Sunday, January 14, 2007

Love and Hate

Yes, that is my current relationship with EBay. In December, I bid on and won a Hallmark ornament for my mother & ended up getting screwed over by leinenbgd on EBay. Long story short, after I had to contact him about the item, he said it had been shipped, but it never arrived. He later told me that he "accidentally" told me that it was shipped, but he was referring to a different item. Then, he said due to the fact that my PayPal payment took longer than expected, he relisted and resold the item. I am trying to get a refund, but just to let you know - be aware of him and do not buy from him. He has a decent rating too (98%) and has been a member for quite a while. His communication has been horrible & as soon as I have my refund, he will receive a horrible rating.

So, I am back on EBay and currently winning the same ornament. Wish me luck!

We had a great weekend, here in NC. The weather was beautiful, so we took the dogs for a walk at the park, looked at a couple of houses and hubby is currently making dinner. Life is good. One of the houses today was really nice & what we need and what we have been trying to find. It's the right school district, good space, good yard and not really any updates that we would have to do immediately, aside from as little painting. Not sure if the timing is right for us, but we may need to make it that way.

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