Sunday, July 29, 2012

If only ...

all of the training runs could be like yesterday's.

14 miles.
All of us were feeling strong, relaxed, and ready. Our pace was good - one mile was probably a little too fast, but we were all feeling good.
Warm, but not too humid.
Lots of shade.
Two pitstops, but luckily we were near bathrooms.
Friendly runners, a couple of bunnies, and much to M's dismay, only one long centipede looking thing. M is our nature watcher.
The ability to pass one of our cars with about 3-4 miles left to go. Nothing better than ice cold Gatorade, water, Nunn, and a handful of ice cubes to put down your sports bra to finish out a long run.
The dreaded hills that didn't feel that bad.
E's longest distance ever.
Chocolate milk, more ice cold Gatorade, ice cold water, Animal crackers, and Ginger snaps at the end.
Hubbies that take kids to the gym/pool/science center so tired Mama's can enjoy naps.

Is it too much to hope all of the long runs can be like this?

Friday, July 27, 2012

The interview that deserves a blog post

While looking for jobs, a friend of mine (Hi, J!) told me about a neat opportunity so I reached out to them to learn more. I had a great phone discussion with their office manager who told me more about the position (Marketing, Public Relations, Special Events for a small beer distributor.) We talked a lot about my marketing & pr background and also my work for a cheese maker where I helped to coordinate special events across the state.

Sounds like it could be a good fit, right?

So, I was asked to come in for an interview. I knew this would be a more "casual" environment, so I purposely dressed a little more casual versus my normal interview attire.

I had a great meeting with the office manager and then I was set to meet with the owner.

To all the HR professionals out there, please be warned ... this person did all the cringe-worthy things in addition to a few that I think he could be sued over.

Statements/Questions that I heard while interviewing:

1. Where do you live? As in what neighborhood.
2. What does your husband do?
3. Insurance is a bunch of xxxx.
4. "I think you should be home with your children."
5. Oh and yes, he asked if I had children.
6. "I think I really need a man to do this job ... to talk to the other store managers because they are typically men, and this is a blue collar job."
7. Speaking of a past employer. "I don't advertise. It's just a waste of money."
8. Why don't you take this case of beer home to your husband?

It was by far the strangest and most infuriating interview that I have ever been on. I had my qualms about the job from the beginning - I knew it would be a lot of nights/weekends, but I also understand that it comes with the territory. Since I was interviewing several places, I didn't want to turn down any opportunities that could turn into something. So many people have asked if I told him off, but I decided that it wasn't worth it and the best thing to do would to be professional.

We happily drank the case of beer, and I may or may not have flipped off the building when I last drove past it, because I keep it professional like that.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


After four years, I will be changing to the role of Working Mom. It's really hard for me to believe that four years ago, I had all intentions to stay at work full time, but when I was laid off after M&L were born, I somehow just sailed into the role of stay at home Mom/somewhat freelance marketing person/Junior League President and made it work.

I'm excited and a little nervous. I'm also a little sad, because it also means that my babies are growing up and don't NEED me as much. They have happily pranced into their new daycare this week and not looked back. We have been working on an ease-in schedule, but when I stopped by at 3PM yesterday, they asked to stay. So much for not throwing them into a new school, but I'm sure if we had done it that way, my plan would have backfired.

So, starting Monday, I will be commuting 30+ minutes, starting work at an amazing company in a big marketing department, and hopefully getting back in the groove of full-time, office politics, commuting, etc.

When I had made the decision to return to work, I had an idea of where I thought I would end up and this was probably the furthest from my mind, but I am excited for the challenge and the opportunity. I went on interviews with 6 companies, received two offers, three polite no's, and one that deserves a blog post.

Here's to my last few couple of days of sipping coffee and checking blogs!

Sunday, July 15, 2012


I received a question about hydration/water on long runs. First, let me say that receiving questions makes me feel like a REAL blogger and that makes me happy. :)

I do carry water on pretty much any run that I do. I'm sure that this is part mental, but I just like the idea of having it if I need it, even if it's only 3 miles.

I use a Nathan 22-ounce handheld bottle. I will say, it did take some time getting used to it, and I will complain that sometimes my fingers start to fall asleep, but it supplies me with quite a bit of water or gatorade. It has a little pouch that can carry my key fob, chomps, or Gu's which is nice.

For instance, yesterday's 12 miler was humid and I started with a full bottle of water with NUUN. I have liked these - they only have 8 calories, no sugar, but still have the electrolytes that you need. In typing this, I realize that I am diluting mine a bit in using a 22-ounce bottle since it comes with a 16-ounce. I will need to alter that!

So, at the 8 mile mark, I was pretty much out of water, so one of my running buddies filled up my bottle with water and I was empty again after my last 4 miles. Wow! We already know that we will be placing extra water along our routes. Training in the south, in the summer ... you just have to. My clothes were literally soaked.

Other good options for hydration would be the Nathan waist pack. I have not been a fan of waist packs in the past, but I have known runners who really liked this hands-free option. FuelBelt also makes several options - waist & handheld. I would recommend trying out some options - maybe borrow one if you can to find out what works for you. Remember that it may take some getting used to, but using one of these kinds of packs may be better than dropping water along the route. 

The good thing is on race day, you will likely have water or a sportsdrink along the course, so I usually will alternate between grabbing a cup, and drinking mine to help conserve what I am carrying so I don't have to refill.

Does anyone else have any products that they love?

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tales of a 12 mile run

At 5:30am, I woke up and immediately said a curse word ... I should have been pulling out of my DRIVEWAY to meet my running girls. So, while trying to wake up and figure out how I could still get there on time, and not mess up E's departure for the beach which was the reason we were running so early anyway ... I came up with a plan.

Since we were doing a course where we were going to drop off a car at the third-of-a-way point, I  decided that I could just meet the other girls there and could make up those last 4 miles on my own. After some early morning/lack of coffee texting, we were all on the same page and I drank my coffee, ate a blueberry waffle with PB, honey, and a handful of fresh blueberries, drank some water, did my potty business, and drove to meet them.

After a little time to stretch and take photos for Instagram, my girls came along. They refueled and we were off.

So, all was good - it was humid, but overcast, so that was in our favor. It was definitely a sassy kind of run that including yelling at a rude biker, questioning a driver of a car on the greenway, and hearing tales of first dates. We got back to the 12 mile point for them and the 8 mile for me. I "borrowed" more water from M, and headed on my way. I felt really good and had a good pace, but quickly got passed by a very bouncy and noticeably pregnant woman. So, I sulked, ate my banana that I had been carrying for 4 miles and walked for a bit, then kept on going.

I also realized that a light blue running skirt on a hot and humid day will quickly look like you've peed yourself. For reals. I don't think I had a dry stitch of clothing on me at the end.

12 miler ... check. 5 weeks of training finished ... check. Looking forward to the possibility of a nap, pool, and guacamole.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Thoughts from week 5

A list of rambling thoughts from the 5th week of marathon training ...

  1. Shocked at how quickly we are running 12 miles ... I'm used to this being at the end of our training.
  2. Glad that some of my hip pain has subsided, but definitely understanding why the use of ice/stretching/strengthening is so important.
  3. Getting (or trying to) wake up by 5:00 AM or any snooze-amounted time from then to 5:30 is HARD.
  4. I couldn't do this without my running buddies. Even with threats of kicking, sassy juice, hill repeats, I think they still love me and will put up with me all summer and fall.
  5. Some of my go-to items have been NUUN, chocolate milk, blueberry waffles, peanut butter, Luna bars, and those darn miniature ice cream sandwiches.
So, here's to 12 miles tomorrow and prayers that it isn't as crazy hot as last weekend. Chill bumps at the end of a run scare me when I am blazing hot.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

So .....

Did you go see it this weekend?

I don't know about where you live, but it seems that 99% of my female Facebook friends have been posting all weekend about MAGIC MIKE.

So, my friend, E and I went this evening. Armed with popcorn, water, and contraband vino and candy, we were the first ones in the theater. OK, so we kind of felt like losers for doing that. The being early, not the vino, but we really just got there early and it was not intentional. Even though, all afternoon, I kept texting E, asking if we should pre-buy our tickets, or arrive 30 minutes early, but I promise ... not intentional.

As people started coming in, I noticed two themes of movie-goers. The first was young to middle-aged women in groups, dressed up in what I would call "going out shoes", tight jeans, and "going out shirts." Kind of curious for a movie, right? I'm usually going in with a shawl or sweater because I always freeze, even when it's 102 degrees outside. The other theme we noticed were small groups of gay men. I'm assuming, just to see the action.

All in all, it was a decent movie. There is actually a story line people and for the woman in front of us who muttered "I'm disappointed. There was too much story to that.", what do you think you are going to? A strip club? 2 hours of videotaped stripping?

It's a movie. The last time I went to a movie, you can't touch the actors, you can't get sweat flicked on you by the actors, and you can't even have a drink unless you have an awesome friend who packs her own. Even with your fancy 3-D glasses on, the most that will happen is you move out of the way of flying knives or something.

So, it's not going to win in any Oscars, but a fun couple of hours. Definitely comical to say the least, I left confirmed that Matthew McConaughey is the perfect actor to play Dallas in this movie. He has the accent, the swagger, the confidence, and the ability to wear leather pants, have a marble bust of his likeness, and still somehow be lovable and have women screaming for him.