Sunday, January 21, 2007

A game that involves coupons?

Have any of you used The Grocery Game? I have several friends and acquaintances who use this program religiously and swear that they are now paying for organic milk, fancy vacations and private school tuition by "playing". I skeptically signed up for a trial membership and will try it out this week. Basically, the premise is that this "program" has figured out the science behind the sales cycle of the major grocery chains and it tells you about coupons that you should use when certain items are on sale to make the most of your savings. You may be buying 10 rolls of paper towels when you don't particularly need them, but it will still be a savings. So, I clipped coupons today and printed off my list for Harris Teeter, my local store. I'll be trying it out later this week. As much as I consider myself organized, I just somehow can't see myself being this disciplined to make it work... or have the storage for the zillions of paper towels that I will need to store!

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