Thursday, March 29, 2007

What I learned in class...

I wanted to recap a little of my 1st wedding class for all of the Brides-to-Be. First, when I walked in, the other students thought I was the teacher, which I found somewhat humorous. I don't have a lot to report for our first session - I felt like I knew most of what the teacher was discussing. We basically went over putting together time lines , traditional attire, who pays for what, etc. Also a little trivia for you... Did you know why the bride traditionally stand to her husband's left at the altar? This dates back to historic times and it was so the husband would have his right hand free for his sword, if there was a possible attack. The teacher also stated that most wives sleep to the left of their husband in bed, which is true for this wife. Hopefully, no attacks or deuls in the middle of the night! So, hopefully, I'll have a few more tidbits that may be of more assistance next week!

Also, today is my last day at the current job, and Hubby and I are off to Charleston, SC in the morning. We did a 4 mile run last night and then the 10k Bridge Run on Saturday. The dogs are going to their favorite doggie day care/boarding facility - actually a 3 acre farm, complete with a pond and employees who are constantly playing fetch. It's a great place to board the dogs - they run and swim all day, then when we pick them up, they sleep for 2 days straight. Plus, they will be getting a much needed bath & toenail trimming before we pick them up!

I will post about the race and the weekend in Charleston when I return! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


My beloved Old Navy cotton, striped, capri pajama pants bit the dust last night. I was being silly (who me?) and picked up Zeus, pulling him onto my lap and heard rrrrrrrippp. These things are practically threadbare and the waist was already looking pretty shabby, but this hole is in a bit more personal place. I bought these years ago and they have worn into the perfect softness.

I heading Old Navy on my lunch hour to see if I can pick up a quick fix to replace this pair. I thought these looked pretty cute.

I really want to invest in uber-comfy read uber-expensive pajamas, but it's not in my budget at the moment. For when I do take the plunge, any favorites that are worth the money?

** Shopping Update** I found two wonderful new pairs of PJ pants at Old Navy. One is pale pink, blue, green, white, yellow striped and the other are pink & green plaid (yes, kind of obnoxious, but kind of cute). They both have comfy drawstring waists, which I love, plus are the soft, oxford cloth cotton kind. The ones pictured above must be online only or just not available at my lunchtime shopping Old Navy.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

1st day of class...

Tonight is my first night of my Wedding Planning & Directing class. People have looked at me like I have 3 heads when I tell them that I actually enjoyed planning our wedding and wanted to take a class on this. I may never use it, but I figured that I could:
  • gain a little part-time work
  • offer my services to our church, since we don't have a wedding planner
  • enjoy talking and learning about weddings for 6 weeks and hopefully share some new ideas with my friends!
I actually found our wedding planner through a referral from this class.. she was the top student, so who knows where this may lead!? Wish me luck... I've sharpened my pink pencils and have my matching notebook ready to go!

Oh, and I promise I won't ever work with a bride if she wants a Barbie wedding cake!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Hot and Tired

Hubby and I just finished our 8-mile training run. Whew. It was tough today... the distance, plus it's warm here in NC - the high is in the 80's. (sorry - not trying to rub it in to my Northern friends). We should have started earlier, but I was a bit of a slacker this morning. We will head to Charleston, SC next weekend for the Cooper River Bridge Run. It's one of the largest 10k's in the country and so much fun. We are going with several friends - we're the runners, they drink & cheer us on!

It's hard to believe that the 1/2 marathon is only about 5 weeks away and it really hit me today that I'll be adding another 5 miles onto the run that I did today. I think it's time to quit slacking on my weekday running!

4 more days at the old job... I actually have a brainstorming session at my new job on Tuesday. Since this is a new venture, I'm starting just in time for some of the marketing activities and events for the launch, so some details have been put in place and a lot are yet to be decided. I'm glad that I'll have the chance to give my input and recommendations. There is a lot of work ahead for the next 2 months, but I'm looking forward to it.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Resume tips 101

The following resume was recently received by our creative director for a designer position that he is trying to fill.

I have changed any identifying information, but the rest is real. We we torn between actually calling the guy and giving him advice on how to write a resume or just rolling on the floor in fits of laughter. We chose the latter.

Home 555- 555- 5555

1234 Green Lee Ct
Greenville, NC 27777

Adobe, Microsoft Office software

Art ins,Online,WOL

I went to school at the Art Institute Online, and Lakewood Online

Concept Development A-
Computer Literacy A+
Digital Image Manipulation D
Fundamentals Of Design D
Introduction of Graphic Design
Career Development
College English 1

Graphic Designs

How long will it take me...

to burn off the calories I have consumed this afternoon, consisting of a lean cuisine, one Hershey Truffle nugget and oh, say 3/4 of a bag of Starburst jelly beans?

I must, repeat, must stay away from Target on my lunch hour. I went in to buy some moisturizer and I leave with my new moisturizer, 3 greeting cards, 2 lean cuisines, 1 bottle of water, a bag of Dove dark chocolate eggs for the office candy dish, a bag of Starburst jelly beans and a chocolate Easter bunny for my creative director! Oh, and a bottle of Crew hair gel for my hubby. Oh, it smells so good.

Good thing I didn't look at the kitchen gadgets or lawn furniture. There's no telling what would be in the back of my car!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I'm so behind

I have found out in the past weeks that two of my good friends are expecting. For one, this will be her second child and for the other, her first. I am so excited for both of them & it will be great to live vicariously through them as they are experiencing their pregnancies.

Hubby and I aren't trying yet, even though I did buy and am now taking prenatal vitamins. Now with me starting a new job, the timing just doesn't seem right to go off the ever-trusty pill. I can't seem to get this nagging thought of "hurry up" out of my head and lately, now more than ever, I catch myself thinking of a baby, or picking up toddler dresses and imagining what it would be like. Of course, I am the one deciding not to try yet, so I guess I have no one to blame but myself!

Everyone says there is never a good time... is this true? Is it like love, will you just know you're ready?

Monday, March 19, 2007

Boot(y) Camp

Boot Camp ended last Friday.... whoo-hoo! It felt like a dream sleeping until 6:30 today. As far as my stats were concerned, I lost 1.6 pounds and 2 inches and completed 8 more push ups and 12 more sit-ups than on the day we started. As a group, we lost 52 inches and 42.2 pounds.

Even though I didn't have a huge loss, I feel a little more toned & inspired to keep up with my workouts. We are about 6 weeks out from the Half Marathon, so I have to really start focusing on running.

On a shopping note, I went by Stein Mart on my lunch hour today and found slim fit Ralph Lauren polos for $30-something each. So, of course, I scooped up a couple, in white and light blue, along with a couple of thin v-neck cable knit sweaters. Perfect for spring weather in NC, we had 40's over the weekend and it should be in the 80's this weekend.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

A new chapter

Or new article, if you will. I turned in my two week notice to my current employer on Friday. That part went well, aside from one snide comment from my boss, which I fully expected.

I have accepted a new position as Marketing manager of a new bi monthly magazine, focused on style, fashion, dining, homes, shopping, etc - all in North Carolina. The parent company has been around for decades with a current North Carolina publication and the new magazine is a bit younger in look, feel and content. It's a little scary about starting a new job and with a brand new magazine, but it's also what invigorates me and wakes me up in the middle of the night! And, what better than working for a magazine that is focused on what I love reading about anyway.

So, Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone.. Erin Go Braugh! We're off to run the 5 mile Beer Run (it's actually a run, not just an excuse to drink beer - even though beer tokens are included in your running package). Then later tonight, onto some more Irish festivities this evening at a local Irish pub.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Well dressed pooches

I'm a little obsessed with Zeus & Zoe's collars. Zoe especially. Zeus typically sticks to the basic red. But for Zoe, this is a small collection of collars she has worn in the past and I can't seem to get rid of any of them, even when they don't fit her. God help me, when I have children!!
She had the red, multi colored with little bones. A patriotic collar from Old Navy, now faded from too many swims in the lake. The red & green with blinking lights that she wears at Christmas. The navy & green Eliza B. collar is so cute, but doesn't show up well on her. A pink and yellow gingham that we bought in Annapolis. She is currently sporting a pink & green argyle collar and I am on the search for her new summer collar.
I'm trying to narrow it down to the personalized ones from Four Preppy Paws
or Orvis and the make your own from Eliza B.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Lover, not a fighter

If you ever need to feel loved, meet Zeus. He is our male lab, who is probably one of the top 3 sweetest dogs that I have ever owned.
Zeus isn't the best retriever in the world, he likes to swim, but prefers to hang out in the shallow end, likes sun-bathing and sleeping on top of air vents for the heat or air-conditioner over running around and chasing squirrels.
If you ever want a big lab head to rest in your lap, Zeus is your man. He loves to be loved. He loves to be petted. He loves a good belly rub. He's the dog that will quietly sneak onto the bed, just to stretch out and lay his pretty head on the pillow like a human. He always comes to "see" me in the mornings with a wagging tail and a "smiling" face.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Swimming is my life

Zoe is the swimmer in the family. When we go to the lake in the summer, she flies out of the car, down the hill and immediately into the water. Forget all the unpacking, bringing in luggage or the fact that everyone with her is still clothed. She is all about the water.

While at the lake, we participate in water sports - skiing, wake-boarding and a little tubing. There is lots of cruising around in the ski boat and pontoon, just for fun. There is even more floating in the lake, consuming copious amounts of adult beverages and talking about whatever strikes our fancy. While we float, Zoe swims. She may be fetching something, or not, it really doesn't matter.

She is O-b-s-e-s-s-e-d. But it makes for sound sleeping at night!

Alarm Clock

As long as we have our labs, I will never need an alarm clock. By 6 or 6:30, nearly every day, they are crying to be let out of their kennels. Their main motivation? FOOD. But somehow, they seem to know that when we are up at 4:30 for boot camp, it is not yet time to rise & shine.

I find it funny - we awake, shower, get ready to start our busy day and find ourselves driving to work, running to meetings, making presentations, working out,etc. But the lab - they awake, enjoy a little food, run around outside, do a little business and immediately are ready to come back inside for a belly rub and their first of many daily naps. Ahhh, the life!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Speaking of...

FOOD. I went by Subway at lunch & they now have apples and raisins as side items, in place of the chips or cookies. I opted for apples and they were good. I was trying to counteract the entire large bag of cheddar cheese quaker rice cakes that I have eaten since Friday. They only have 70 calories per serving, but it really defeats the purpose when you eat the whole damn bag. I just crumpled up the empty bag and placed it in my Subway bag, in hopes that no one will notice it in the trash.

I also made a yummy shrimp scampi with whole wheat linguine yesterday. It was one of Ina Garten's recipes and was a great meal to serve on a warm day. Hubby and I ran 6 miles, so we felt that we deserved a little pasta!

Chewy goodness

I decided that since part of my blog title is "Labradors" and since I live with two of these delightful dogs that I call my babies, that I would dedicate this week of blogging to my labbies.
Just to give an overview, my hubby and I have two black labs, Zeus and Zoe, who are almost 3 years old. They are litter mates with one male and one female. We bought them when we were dating under the condition that "this dating thing better be serious".

Let's discuss labs and chewing. We had heard all the horror stories - you'll come home to find your sofa destroyed, your favorite shoes in shreds,etc.

I would say the Top 3 worst things that our labs have chewed are...

1) The hot water heater nozzle. We arrived home one night to a small flood coming out of our laundry room that also contains our hot water heater. We found the nozzle to the hot water heater that they had managed to chew off. Why? Just tell me why plastic is so entertaining? I'm sure the flood of water was an added bonus.

2) The railings of our patio. We have wooden railings on our patio with excessive teeth-marks. You can tell how they were growing, by how high the teeth-marks were on the rail. They also love sticks... what is it with the wood?

3) They also chewed, ahem, killed a possum. Of course, they were proud of this feat and left the poor possum at our back door. They love to chase squirrels, but I don't think the squirrels will ever be slow enough to get caught, but I guess the possum was slow-moving.

I think age remedies some of this chewing habit and we keep them supplied with chew toys of all kinds, but we have still had a few issues, just as expected.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

My favorite birthday gifts

Yes, birthday week is coming to an end, but I wanted to share some of my favorite gifts.

Beautiful white hydrangeas and pink roses, in a square vase from my hubby. This arrangement was done by the same florist we used for our wedding and Stacy always does a beautiful job.

Hubby also decked me out in outfits from JCrew and Ann Taylor. He's not afraid to shop for clothes. He also picked up the ultra preppy, madras patchwork beach bag. Perfect for trips to the beach or smelly yoga clothes!

My best friend Karen returned the favor with personalized stationery from Lauren Goessling Designs. These argyle notecards in chocolate and pink are too cute!

And last, but certainly not least, Sarah from The Seven Spot recently held a Lurker Appreciation contest. She asked for 50 commenters in a specified time period & I was the lucky winner. She offered to make a $50 donation to the charity of my choice. I chose Earlier, an organization that was started by a local woman to help with early detection of breast cancer. I will also be matching Sarah's most generous donation. Sarah also graciously asked all of the commenters to consider making just a $1 donation, so we could do triple the amount of good. Pay it forward, if you will. I consider this a most special birthday gift.


I went to a little deli for lunch today and ordered a turkey wrap and fruit. I noticed that a side of ranch came with my wrap, for yummy ranch dipping. I had eaten some of the wrap without dippage and a couple of bites with the dip.

I couldn't really taste it, but then I noticed another lady dipping her fruit into the same ranch looking dip. "How odd", I thought when I dipped my fork into the "ranch" and discovered it was fruit dip. DUH!

Have any of you ever experienced these kind of food-paux? I have a cousin who accidentally used salt instead of sugar in his sweet tea, but I think this is the first time I've done this!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Eavesdroppers R Us

Overheard at birthday dinner last night...

Setting: cozy restaurant scattered with various couples and groupings of friends.
Location: table immediately behind us
Players: two women, apparently good friends
Drink: bottle of red

Statement: "I just wish he'd plan something spontaneous for us, you know? Like a trip to Europe or something".

I love to be surprised as much as the next girl, but really. I'm thinking a weekend trip to Charleston, SC but Europe? I personally couldn't stand giving up the control, hence, why I didn't opt for the surprise honeymoon

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Lollipop Scrooge

I met two friends for lunch today and one of my Birthday treats included a large lollipop shaped cookie, complete with pink and green icing. As I was reading my cards, I noticed the feeling of being watched. A young little girl, complete with two ponytails, was totally eye-balling my cookie/lollipop and looked as if she were about to cry if I didn't hand it over.

I debated... do I

a) offer her a bite?
b) give her the cookie?
c) move the cookie out of her eyesight and hope that she'll stop looking and forget?

Of course I moved the cookie out of harms way. She had a grilled cheese in front of her & I didn't want to spoil her lunch!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Let Birthday week commence

I spent some time yesterday at one of my favorite haunts, JCrew. I restrained, but did manage to buy myself a couple of birthday gifts. My belt is slightly different than the one shown, but will be perfect for summer shorts & capris. My want-list still has the green (palm) and navy shorts, the navy/yellow/white argyle cardigan and a new round of tees and polos. I had to keep a few items on the list for Hubby.
Birthday week shall end on Saturday with a much needed massage and facial. We ran 5 miles yesterday for our Half Marathon training. I felt pretty good, but my left knee was pretty tender, especially after Mile 3. I had the same feeling when I hit Mile 11 last year during my 1st Half. Ugh, I see one of those knee-bands in my future!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Return to college days

Thursday was D-Day around our household. Hubby's company has recently gone through a merger and they cut 40% of the sales force, which could potentially include him. They were told they would receive calls after 12 noon and I'm happy to report that he received his call at 11:57 to tell him that he was keeping his job. Whoo-hoo! Needless to say, we were both relieved, but Hubby decided that he should celebrate this news with a couple of his friends.

Several of his friends work out of their homes, so there is great flexibility in their schedules. About 9 hours of drinking/Golden Tee/Pool playing later, I found them in a somewhat coherent stupor. One friend had almost gotten into a fight, so the dutiful wife (me) packed them into my little A4 and carted them home. I did feel like it was 1993 and I was caring for somebody after the pre and post parties from a frat party!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Safety for your pooches

Hubby and I returned home from dinner last night to a bit of a scare. Our female lab, Zoe was crouched down on all fours, against the "wall" of the kennel. We have the black metal kennels. Her ID tag from her collar was stuck in between one of the slats on the kennel and she couldn't move. I felt awful, because we were gone a couple of hours and of course, we don't know how long she had stayed in that position - plus, what if she would have choked herself? So, new rule - collars come off when in the kennel and I'm on the lookout for a new cute collar that can be embroidered with her name and phone number.

If anyone has any suggestions, please send them to me. I know that E used to have a good site for dog collars/accessories listed at Preppy Cafe, but it's no longer there.