Thursday, January 11, 2007

Sick of looking at research questions

OK, not a great title. I'm working on a project and frankly, I'm over it. I'm on my 10th revision of a list of research questions for one of our clients and we are now up to 50 questions. Waaaay too long for an online survey, but they keep pushing to add more. But, anyway... I digress. Just feeling a tad brain-dead and blurry-eyed from staring at the computer all day. So, I ask myself, why do I get on blogger so I can stare at the screen a little more?

Glad it's Thursday and the weekend is near. Even though I have frozen all week, I'm glad it finally feels like winter. Glad that you can tell that the days are getting longer since it's still daylight outside & it's after 5pm. Glad that I have the sweet smell of star gazer lilies in my office, that were a sweet gift from a friend. Glad that in a week, hubby and I will have a new shower, tub and fixtures installed into our little bathroom! Glad that I have on my new, pink JCrew cable knit sweater today.

I'm going to review these once more, so I can rest easy tonight.

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