Sunday, July 29, 2012

If only ...

all of the training runs could be like yesterday's.

14 miles.
All of us were feeling strong, relaxed, and ready. Our pace was good - one mile was probably a little too fast, but we were all feeling good.
Warm, but not too humid.
Lots of shade.
Two pitstops, but luckily we were near bathrooms.
Friendly runners, a couple of bunnies, and much to M's dismay, only one long centipede looking thing. M is our nature watcher.
The ability to pass one of our cars with about 3-4 miles left to go. Nothing better than ice cold Gatorade, water, Nunn, and a handful of ice cubes to put down your sports bra to finish out a long run.
The dreaded hills that didn't feel that bad.
E's longest distance ever.
Chocolate milk, more ice cold Gatorade, ice cold water, Animal crackers, and Ginger snaps at the end.
Hubbies that take kids to the gym/pool/science center so tired Mama's can enjoy naps.

Is it too much to hope all of the long runs can be like this?

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