Monday, August 13, 2012

Random thoughts during marathon training

My running shoe PSA for everyone today ...

I have been wearing Brooks Adrenaline's for as long as I can remember. Love them. Well, two weeks ago, I bought a new pair (pink!), ran on the treadmill at the store, determined they were fine & off I went.

Two weeks and and 50 some miles later, I finally decided that they just didn't fit right. First couple of runs, they felt too tight across the top, but on my last long run, I felt like my toes were being squeezed.

Sure enough, they had rubbed callous-y blisters on the sides of my two big toes and the end of my second toe. Ick.

Luckily, our wonderful local running store exchanged them no questions asked. Apparently, these shoes have been running differently as of late, so I am now in a size 8. (Full size bigger than my regular shoes & half size bigger than my old pair.)

So, if you are in the market for shoes, ask about return policies, if any of the sizing has been off, and test them out if possible!

Other thoughts ....

It probably isn't a good idea to go grocery shopping after church, while hungry, and when driving home proceed to grab the industrial size bag of animal crackers and put it in the front seat. Can't get enough. I have reverted back to preschool.

Ice-baths are your friend. I have now taken two in my life and they honestly aren't all that bad. Saturday, I tried the get in the cold water first, then dump the ice in. Definitely easier in my opinion since you don't have to dodge ice cubes when sitting.


Kelly said...

Love animal crackers.. had too many last night and to make them even better, added peanut butter :)

Let me know your next long run!

Jules said...

I know Omega also takes back brooks within 30 days.