Friday, July 13, 2012

Thoughts from week 5

A list of rambling thoughts from the 5th week of marathon training ...

  1. Shocked at how quickly we are running 12 miles ... I'm used to this being at the end of our training.
  2. Glad that some of my hip pain has subsided, but definitely understanding why the use of ice/stretching/strengthening is so important.
  3. Getting (or trying to) wake up by 5:00 AM or any snooze-amounted time from then to 5:30 is HARD.
  4. I couldn't do this without my running buddies. Even with threats of kicking, sassy juice, hill repeats, I think they still love me and will put up with me all summer and fall.
  5. Some of my go-to items have been NUUN, chocolate milk, blueberry waffles, peanut butter, Luna bars, and those darn miniature ice cream sandwiches.
So, here's to 12 miles tomorrow and prayers that it isn't as crazy hot as last weekend. Chill bumps at the end of a run scare me when I am blazing hot.


Kelly said...

You're awesome and inspired me to think about doing a 1/2!

Unknown said...

Congratulations! You are making me want to train for a marathon. What do you use to carry water when you run? I haven't found a system that I love.