Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tales of a 12 mile run

At 5:30am, I woke up and immediately said a curse word ... I should have been pulling out of my DRIVEWAY to meet my running girls. So, while trying to wake up and figure out how I could still get there on time, and not mess up E's departure for the beach which was the reason we were running so early anyway ... I came up with a plan.

Since we were doing a course where we were going to drop off a car at the third-of-a-way point, I  decided that I could just meet the other girls there and could make up those last 4 miles on my own. After some early morning/lack of coffee texting, we were all on the same page and I drank my coffee, ate a blueberry waffle with PB, honey, and a handful of fresh blueberries, drank some water, did my potty business, and drove to meet them.

After a little time to stretch and take photos for Instagram, my girls came along. They refueled and we were off.

So, all was good - it was humid, but overcast, so that was in our favor. It was definitely a sassy kind of run that including yelling at a rude biker, questioning a driver of a car on the greenway, and hearing tales of first dates. We got back to the 12 mile point for them and the 8 mile for me. I "borrowed" more water from M, and headed on my way. I felt really good and had a good pace, but quickly got passed by a very bouncy and noticeably pregnant woman. So, I sulked, ate my banana that I had been carrying for 4 miles and walked for a bit, then kept on going.

I also realized that a light blue running skirt on a hot and humid day will quickly look like you've peed yourself. For reals. I don't think I had a dry stitch of clothing on me at the end.

12 miler ... check. 5 weeks of training finished ... check. Looking forward to the possibility of a nap, pool, and guacamole.


Sarah Wyland said...

Major props for getting up at 5:30 - even if was late!

Kelly said...

I want to do a long run with you some time! and when I mean long, I mean 8 :)