Friday, July 27, 2012

The interview that deserves a blog post

While looking for jobs, a friend of mine (Hi, J!) told me about a neat opportunity so I reached out to them to learn more. I had a great phone discussion with their office manager who told me more about the position (Marketing, Public Relations, Special Events for a small beer distributor.) We talked a lot about my marketing & pr background and also my work for a cheese maker where I helped to coordinate special events across the state.

Sounds like it could be a good fit, right?

So, I was asked to come in for an interview. I knew this would be a more "casual" environment, so I purposely dressed a little more casual versus my normal interview attire.

I had a great meeting with the office manager and then I was set to meet with the owner.

To all the HR professionals out there, please be warned ... this person did all the cringe-worthy things in addition to a few that I think he could be sued over.

Statements/Questions that I heard while interviewing:

1. Where do you live? As in what neighborhood.
2. What does your husband do?
3. Insurance is a bunch of xxxx.
4. "I think you should be home with your children."
5. Oh and yes, he asked if I had children.
6. "I think I really need a man to do this job ... to talk to the other store managers because they are typically men, and this is a blue collar job."
7. Speaking of a past employer. "I don't advertise. It's just a waste of money."
8. Why don't you take this case of beer home to your husband?

It was by far the strangest and most infuriating interview that I have ever been on. I had my qualms about the job from the beginning - I knew it would be a lot of nights/weekends, but I also understand that it comes with the territory. Since I was interviewing several places, I didn't want to turn down any opportunities that could turn into something. So many people have asked if I told him off, but I decided that it wasn't worth it and the best thing to do would to be professional.

We happily drank the case of beer, and I may or may not have flipped off the building when I last drove past it, because I keep it professional like that.


Miche said...

Wow. Yep. A lot of those questions/comments are 100% illegal to ask and yes he could be sued.


Goddess in Progress said...

Holy... wow. That's unbelievable.

Barefoot in the Park said...

worst interview ever. you win. good luck Monday!

Jules said...

yep, even MORE reason why they need to join CAI! ;)I thought the same thing as I met with him to get his business, then he started interviewing me asking me those same questions. LOL. Sorry I sent you to him...but at least I warned you. HAAAA. He IS nice though.