Saturday, August 29, 2009

Looking at ...

on One Step Ahead Baby. I used to chuck this catalogue as soon as it arrived, but now I'm actually looking at every page and noting a few baby items that seem like some must haves.

These placemats are reusable and will stick to tables. Great for going out to eat or even at Grandma's house who may not like blueberries smushed into her kitchen table.

The snack traps. Good for the car, stroller, or even around the house so cheerios stay out of Zeus and Zoe's tummies. Love the strap feature.
Really cute Monkey Halloween costumes. I've often called them my little monkeys, especially when they are jumping in their cribs after naptime.

Stove Guard. They can't reach yet, but they sure do like to try and it worries me to no end.

Travel Bed. Not sure if I'm sold on this one ... what keeps them in this thing once they are mobile? Nothing like putting your babies to bed at Grandma's house to find them crawling down the hallway five minutes later. But, a pretty neat idea. Wonder if this might be good at the beach or if it would become a parasail for infants!

Alright, off to look for something a little more interesting ... like shoes.


Heidi said...

OOH, I need that stove guard!

And that monkey outfit???? Darling!
Thanks for sharing. Think I'll be doing a little online shopping!!

Kate said...

I used all of those products when I was a nanny (minus the monkey costume, of course) and the placemats were okay, the snack traps were AWESOME and the stove guard was great but the tiny baby tent? USELESS! Totally useless.

That is all.

Erica said...

A friend of mine had that placemat for her little guy when we went out to eat recently. Seemed to really work well!

Cute monkeys:-)

mak'n Changes said...

Love that monkey costume!

Jules said...

those placemats rock. we had a pink one and loved it. and the snack trap too. wonderful.