Thursday, August 06, 2009

Back in the day

Back in college, I took several photography classes. I used my Mom's manual Pentax camera, developed my own film, and had a blast. Film ... what's that? Sigh. I still remember fumbling around in the pitch-black closet to get the film out of my camera and the way the developer smells. I was never the star pupil, but it was always fun and I enjoyed the classes so much. Maybe one day, I can take another class and while I would stick to digital this time around, I'm sure it would still be a great experience.

It was always such a surprise when using traditional 35mm film to see what you would get at the end of your 24 exposures. Now, it's such instant gratification to see your results.

I took a few photos of Maddy and Libby the other day and got a few that I was very happy with ... and a whole slew of bad ones. I was playing around with a few different settings other than "manual" and I think I may start testing them out more.

Here are a few that I lovedThis is Maddy in her "look, Ma ... no hands" pose.

Libby - showing off those 2 bottom teeth.
I know she wishes those others would finally pop through.

Maddy looking very much like my Great Aunt Hazel and Great Aunt Lucy.
We've seen it in a few photos.
Maybe one day we'll figure out who they really look like beside each other!

This photo totally captures Maddy's spirit.

Sweet Lib. Curious and wrinkling her brow just like me & my Dad.

And then a couple of the "whoops" ones.
After all, it is kind of hard when you have moving targets!
Maddy bbbbblurrry.

Libby - Snapped it too late and blurry.


mak'n Changes said...

Your babies are gorgeous! I can't wait to have some of my own.

Emily said...

I seriously want to snap them up and hug them. That's what those pics do for me! :) They are beyond precious.

Peppermint Bee said...

They are such pretty babies!

sarah said...

These pictures are great!

k e r r y said...

Everytime I see your I I say the same thing... They are so beautiful!