Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Hubby and I met to look at a Mother's Morning Out program earlier today. Unfortunately, I had confused my dates and the school was closed. Since it's rare that we have much time that it's just the two of us, he asked if I wanted to go grab a cup of coffee. Since I can rarely turn down Starbucks, I said yes. Maddy and Libby were already with a sitter so I had some time.

We were just chatting about general stuff, drinking our coffee, and people watching. We had both noticed an older gentleman with a walker, US Navy hat, and his own coffee mug.

He was one of those guys that I thought to myself is some old codger, yelling at kids, shaking his cane, barking orders, etc.

He was sitting in the corner and I didn't really think twice about him. He walked over to get napkins and said hello when he passed our table. Of course, Hubby who has never met a stranger immediately engaged him in conversation and asked him a question about his hat.

We ended up chatting with this man to find out he had served in the US Navy during WWII, met his bride in NYC at a dance while he was also in training classes, but opted not to get married until he returned from overseas, heard the story how his boat was almost attacked by a kamikaze plane, but narrowly escaped. He was a little hard-of-hearing, but charming and funny. He even showed us photos of he and his wife on their wedding day, some when he was stationed in Hawaii, and it truly was a pleasure to see the excitement that he had to talk about his family and what the Navy had meant to him.

We stayed a little longer than we probably "should" have, but it was so worth it to have met him. Plus, he told us a funny joke and if I can remember it correctly, here goes.

God made Adam and had to get Adam acclimated to his surroundings. God told Adam that he would need to walk down the Valley. Adam didn't understand what a "valley" was, so God explained. Next, he would need to cross the river. Again, Adam didn't understand what a "river" was, so God explained. God also explained how he would walk up a hill, find a cave, and meet Eve. He also explained to Adam how once he met Eve, they would need to reproduce.

Adam set off on his journey down the valley, through the river, up the hill, and into the cave. A few minutes went by and Adam walked down the hill, waded through the river, scrambled up the valley and went back to ask God a question.

Adam asked, "God, what's a headache?"

This gentleman also reminded us that husbands are to obey their wives, that if Mama ain't happy, nobody's happy, and to complete one act of senseless kindness every day.

Not what I was expecting out of my trip to Starbucks, but encouraging and rewarding nonetheless.