Sunday, August 02, 2009

Nap, no nap, nap, no nap.

If you had twin thirteen-month-old daughters who for the past two days have only taken one nap a day, would this mean they are trying to drop one of their naps?

Please, please, please tell me it's not so.

Yesterday, I ran with my running group and when I got home it was during their morning nap time.  Hubby said that they had been chattering for over an hour and he had tried several times to get them to go to sleep.  We finally went ahead and got them up, so we didn't mess up any other naps or sleeping for the rest of the day.  In the afternoon, we put them down at 1PM (their normal nap time), and they slept for almost 3.5 hours! WOW!  They normally will sleep for about 2, but I assume they were trying to make up for the hour or so that they didn't get that morning.

Today, they went down great for their morning nap and slept for about 1.5 hours.  Today, they went down around 1:30 and it was uggggly.  Lots of crying.  Lots of listening to the monitor and trying to wait it out to see if they'd fall asleep.  Two doses of Tylenol because there was a lot of hand gnawing, but no sleep.

When I got them out of their cribs for a snack, they happily ate and drank.  Now they are playing and life seems good.

I thought they would transition to one nap around 18 months.  Is this just a fluke?  


Emily said...

obviously i don't have twin 13 month old twin girls but, Will got rid of his morning nap at 12 months. (er, may have even been 11 months..) i wasn't ready but that's what happened and we all adjusted. and, his normal naptime of 1:00 to moved to 11:30.

it might not be a fluke. :(

LauraC said...

My boys are in group care and they were 13 months when they went to one nap at school... but much closer to 18 months when they went to one nap at home. They were just so cranky on one nap before then, but they would have a couple of days where they would go on one nap and then make up for it.

Then again, my boys are over 3 and still take a solid 2 hour nap! (still much needed for the parents)

Ladybug's Picnic said...

Claire went to one nap around 9 months and if I remember correctly, Charlotte went to one nap around the same time, probably 10 months. Claire is 14 months and naps an hour and half to two hours, usually 10:30-12:30(ish). Charlotte stopped napping altogether around 2 and a half.

So...sorry sister, I think it's probably one nap time. The up side of that is that you can get out of the house MUCH easier when there's only 1 nap per day.

Goddess in Progress said...

We made the transition over a number of months. My kids were still taking the AM nap, and then sometimes skipping the PM one (unpleasant!!).

I continued to have them sleep or rest in the morning, but shortened the amount of time. I think I ended up always getting them up by 10:15, and the time that they went down eventually got later, too (from 8:15 to more like 9:30). My goal was to phase out the AM nap but keep the PM one. I didn't want to consolidate into one weird mid-morning nap.

I did this all between about 13 and 17 months. For a while they'd go down easily in the morning and I'd have to wake them up. But eventually it just became more like a quiet rest time, and then we finally just dropped it and shifted activities to the morning. (Had to be careful not to let them fall asleep in the car!)

Naturally, I blogged it at the time. :-)

Anyways, I say don't give up that morning nap until you really have to! While there are nice things about being on one nap, I sure did miss that morning one when it was gone...

Lilian said...

My son's around the age of your girls and he pretty much is trying to toss that first nap now. He'll take a major 11:30-1:30 nap, and then try to dodge a late afternoon one at around 4. Sometimes he takes both, but it makes for late bedtime (9 or 9:30). I've tried tweaking his wake-up time to make sure he gets both naps in, but it's hit or miss. So yeah, I'd say your girlies may be transitioning. Good luck!

MissyMac said...

We were in transition between 1 and 2 naps for several months. Right as Eli turned 15 months old he officially (with mommy's help) gave up his morning nap. Good luck!