Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Trying on Jeans. Just the thought alone can cause normally dignified ladies to scream, moan and curse like sailors. These are typical working women, eating lunch with friends, picking up a non fat latte from Starbucks, but at the sight of a small, dimly (or harshly) lit dressing room and a stack of jeans in 3 different sizes will turn that "normal" lady from nice to bitch in 2.3 seconds.

Thanks to http://preppycafe.com, I found a great site http://zafu.com I hurriedly typed in my stats, and lo and behold, 30 different choices appeared. Now, I will admit, a few pairs looked like they were on plus size models, but I just chose to ignore those.

I picked a pair of Joe's Jeans, the Socialite, which due to my intensive research should fit me well. When it came to picking out a size, I froze. It's by waist. New to this brand and since it was different than the usual size 8 or 6 when I'm lucky, I chose a 29. After all, the site recommended 28 or 29. I placed my order and checked the shipping status daily.

The arrived on Friday, I was feeling skinny, so I tried them on. My husband was somewhat interested... he thought they looked cute. As he watched me "suck it in", my face turned sour. They zipped and buttoned, but also pulled across my tushie and were too long. He said they looked "fine". So, they are in the process of being exchanged for a 30. I'll let you know.

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