Friday, September 15, 2006


Hubby and I have been doing well on our training runs. I have a new heart rate monitor that wouldn't quit beeping last night. I was either too high or too low. Found out today from the trainer at the gym, that I had my settings too low. And I have developed a lovely blister on the side of my foot. Had to wear 2 bandaids this morning with my brown wedges!

We run 5 miles tomorrow and then 10 miles next Saturday, with 2 shorter runs in between. I am looking forward to a shorter jaunt tomorrow, since we have also started Boot Camp 3 x a week. You would think that we would both be super skinny! Not so much... I think we run to eat!

The dogs are enjoying day camp and baths today. Weather is nice, so they were able to swim in the morning & get bathed before I pick them up this evening.

Tomorrow we have a 1st birthday party to attend for our friends son. Should be a fun time. I love kids @ their parties, especially when they end up with cake from head to toe. Our dilemna is the gift. I think we'll hit Barnes & Noble tonight for some nearly-toddler appropriate ideas.

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