Friday, September 14, 2012


So, in an effort to jazz up the blog a little, I ended up deleting some of my favorite sites and not being happy with the layout, etc. Frustrated was an understatement.

I remembered that months ago I played around on WordPress and decided to to back and visit that site. I had saved a draft and after an easy import of several hundred posts, a few clicks, and a couple of sentences, I have a new blog.

I would love for you to continue to read. Please visit me here.

Oh, and please say hi so I can bookmark you so as not to lose any more of my favorite daily reads!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

doesn't it feel good

To file/delete 10,000 emails and clean out your inbox to a mere 26?

Unsubscribe from about the same amount of emails?

Clutter tends to overtake me - my house, car, desk, bedroom floor and I constantly find myself overwhelmed and ignoring the pile.

Today, I had a few extra minutes so I finally tackled the piles of paper on our kitchen counters. Pre K information, catalogs, bills, junk mail. It just make me feel so much better.

I have some friends who clean a room in their house every night, or those who won't go to bed unless everything is put away, pillows fluffed, sink shining. I commend you. I wish I were you, but sometimes the power of my bed, or the thought of a 4:30 alarm clock is too great and the papers, baby dolls, dog hair tumbleweeds win.

But for now, I am happy with my relatively clean counters and inbox.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


If we are friends on Facebook, you've already seen these, but I think this is what every Mom lives for ...

posting cute pictures of your kiddos.

or kittens.

or your breakfast.

Maddy AKA the grumpy ballerina was not too happy or willing to have her picture made.

Is it just me or does the little ballet costume just transform them into little girls and not babies?

Recently, if I refer to them as my babies, I am quickly corrected with "We are big girls" or "We are big kids." I will remind them that even big girls like to be rocked, have their curls smoothed, and their blankets straightened out.

Ballet class, truly "creative movement" started on Saturday and so far, so good. Their ballet slippers were too small, and had to be reordered, hence the tennis shoes. They twirled, stared in the mirror, walked on tip toes, jumped, learned to point their toes, clap and take a bow. From someone who never took dance and has little to no graceful bones in their body, I think they will enjoy it even if it is just for the pink costumes that they get to wear.

Saturday, September 08, 2012

19 miles done

I think my exact words when I finished were "19 miles. Who's your mama?" No idea why I said that, but it just came out with chill bumps and everything. It's really hard to think that just 7.2 more and it will be a full marathon!

I have been trying a few things this week and so far, so good.

No more Nuun, and a switch from Balega to Feetures socks.

For pretty much every long or long-ish run we've done, I've been having some GI issues. Nothing crazy like sprinting to the woods, but definitely not comfortable either. The only thing that is different from the last time I trained for a half was the addition of Nuun. I really didn't think it could attribute to everything, but after talking to a friend who is an RD and she mentioned that some drinks or energy gels use sugar alcohols which can hurt your stomach. Then, I was reading Runners World and noticed an article that mentioned Sorbitol can cause GI issues, and then realize that Sorbitol is a sugar alcohol and Nuun has Sorbitol.

So, that got nixed and replaced with good ol' water and Gatorade. I tried it for our 8 mile run on Wednesday and our 19 miler today and so far, so good.

I have worn Balega for years, but just seem to keep getting a few blister/callouses after long runs. The Feetures feel really good and seem to almost compress your feet. I still got a few hot spots today, but not as bad as previous weeks.

The first 13 miles felt pretty good ... relaxed and steady. When we got back to our cars at a little over 13, I was tired and hungry. After downing some Gatorade, eating 1/2 a banana, etc., we started out again. Those last 6 miles were hard. My legs just felt like they didn't want to go. It's also not the most scenic part of the route and includes a big hill during the last 1.5 miles.

But, we did it ... now just 20 and 22 mile runs left to do before the biggie. Gulp. 13 weeks of training down, 7 more to go. We actually realized that this was our last really long run on a Saturday. Due to schedules, we are running our 20 and 22-milers during the week. Gotta love that two of us have taken new jobs recently. Atleast we will be doing something positive on those vacation days!

Oh, and don't you love M's chevron skirt? I think I may have to go for it ... so cute & she said it was really comfortable too. 3 compliments from other runners today as well.

Friday, September 07, 2012

Competition Dining

The Hub and I had the opportunity to attend a really cool event last night ... semifinals of Fire in the Triad, a cooking competition with two chefs competing, a secret ingredient, smart phone voting, and 6 courses!

I love to eat and really enjoy the chance to try out new foods, restaurants, etc. Plus, it happened to be between two of our favorite restaurants, Southern Lights and 1618 Seafood Grill. When we arrived, we found out the secret ingredient .... BACON! They have been using all local NC products as the secret ingredient, so it has ranged from seasonal blueberries, goat cheese, watermelon, chicken from local farms, etc. Needless to say, thank goodness we aren't vegetarians!

I am not a food photographer so some photos are from the Competition Dining Facebook page.

Here are our six courses:

Pork belly with a turnip puree and cheese crisp (Southern Lights)

 Braised pork shoulder with a jalepeno popper (1618)

Pork tenderloin with bacon and brie puff pastry. The sauce is a mangalista remoulade 
(Southern Lights - please put this on your menu.)

 Filet with collard green "sushi" that included tasso. (1618)

 Bacon bread pudding with blueberry ice cream and basil sauce. (Southern Lights) 
Again, please add this to your menu, or just something with that amazing sauce.

Cheesecake with mangalista bacon covered in chocolate. Ice cream was pecan and bacon. (1618)

My favorites of the night were the braised pork shoulder, pork tenderloin, and the bacon bread pudding. That basil sauce was AMAZING. If I could have licked the plate, I would have. I wasn't familiar with mangalista bacon, but it is wonderful. Apparently, they are fattier than other pigs since so much of pork has been leaned down. Delicious!

The collard green sushi was creative, but overall, I wasn't impressed with that dish. The steak just wasn't that good. I felt the same way about the cheesecake - while I love sweet and salty combinations, biting into the cheesecake or ice cream with a large piece of bacon was strange to me.

It is all blind voting by the audience and guest chef judges and 1618 was declared the winner, but the bacon bread pudding had the highest overall scores of the evening.

A fun night and a great way to celebrate NC's great foods and wonderful local restaurants. We heard that there will be a state-wide competition between the four regional winners. That should be amazing!

All for now ... going to keep drinking more water since I probably consumed my weekly allotment of sodium yesterday!

Tuesday, September 04, 2012


So, we are only 4 days into September and already I have witnessed the following Facebook status updates/ads/notices of fall:

1. Pumpkins are available at the local grocery store!
2. Bought by first pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks!
3. An ad popped up showing tall wedge boots that had me on Zappos to see if I can finally find a pair I love this year.
4. Target is making room for their Halloween merchandise!

I am ready. I love fall.

I want to wear my most favorite Gap blue jean jacket, wrap a scarf around my neck, watch the leaves turn shades of gold, and sip a mug of hot coffee (sorry, pumpkin spice lattes doesn't do it for me), however, I will take that pumpkin chocolate chip muffin/bread/scone/cake, please.

I want to decorate glass containers with mini pumpkins and gourds.

I want to drink red wine with friends on a patio with a fire pit blazing. Oh, who am I kidding. I want to drink red wine with friends on a patio pretty much any season, but it's even more perfect in the fall.

I want to snooze on the sofa with a book while football blares in the background.

I want to make a big pot of chili with a side of fritos, sour cream, and cheddar cheese.

I want to eat grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup.

I want to have a real reason to buy bags of miniature-sized candy.

I want to run in long sleeve shirts.

However, our pool is still open for a few more weekends, my shoulders are still tan, my daughters are still wearing sundresses, I really don't want to put away my white jeans and Bonannos, plus it's still 80+ degrees with 80%+ humidity.

So what's a girl to do?

Friday, August 31, 2012

Question ...

I'm sure that most of you have seen those magnets on cars with various numbers: 13.1, 26.2, 70.3, 140.6

No, they aren't bible verses, they are distances.

Half marathon = 13.1 miles, marathon = 26.2 miles, half IronMan = 70.3 miles, IronMan = 140.6 miles

And, yes, we will tell you that the .2 matters.

Last night while on a run, one of my running buddies mentioned that she had placed her 26.2 magnet on her car and her husband was giving her a hard time about it.

We haven't actually completed the 26.2 yet.

She said it doesn't matter, that she's training for it.

So, what are your thoughts on the matter? Is it ok? Bad luck? Does it need an extra "in training" magnet to go with it?

Would you 26.2 before you 26.2'd?