Tuesday, September 11, 2012


If we are friends on Facebook, you've already seen these, but I think this is what every Mom lives for ...

posting cute pictures of your kiddos.

or kittens.

or your breakfast.

Maddy AKA the grumpy ballerina was not too happy or willing to have her picture made.

Is it just me or does the little ballet costume just transform them into little girls and not babies?

Recently, if I refer to them as my babies, I am quickly corrected with "We are big girls" or "We are big kids." I will remind them that even big girls like to be rocked, have their curls smoothed, and their blankets straightened out.

Ballet class, truly "creative movement" started on Saturday and so far, so good. Their ballet slippers were too small, and had to be reordered, hence the tennis shoes. They twirled, stared in the mirror, walked on tip toes, jumped, learned to point their toes, clap and take a bow. From someone who never took dance and has little to no graceful bones in their body, I think they will enjoy it even if it is just for the pink costumes that they get to wear.

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