Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I really am running a marathon

So, yes I have known for quite some time that I was going to be running a marathon.

After all, I ran the Quantico 10K back in March so I would have a guaranteed entry, AKA golden ticket!

I signed up, paid the fees, found a training plan, had a great running buddy who made us gorgeous calendars with all of our training schedules, and I set up long runs in my Google calendar so every Friday afternoon I receive alerts that say scary things like "18 miles"!

But, it's just been recently when we moved into distances like 17 and 18 miles, taking regular ice baths, dealing with tummy issues, waking up at 4:30AM (or not) to go for an "easy 5", talking about snot rockets, noticing the difference between the Saturday "serious" runners and the Sunday "out for a Sunday jog" runners at our favorite park, black toenails, blisters, crazy chaffing, compression socks, and statements like "Oh, it's only 13 miles", that I realized we are really doing this!

I have had moments that 26.2 definitely feels manageable, doable, and even slightly enjoyable. Yes, I said it ... enjoyable. There have also been moments that I wasn't sure if I could do it, but it is exciting that the positive days definitely outweigh the negative days.

People have asked me how long it will take me to finish. No idea ... I really just want to finish. period. However, that competitive side in me comes out and I find myself looking up times of friends, Hubby's first marathon, Oprah's marathon, etc and plugging in times to pace calculators like this one. Speed work also started this week and I think we are now at the point in our training that we know we can do the distance, now it's time to hone in and work on speed and endurance.

It also hit me this week that I don't think this will be my last marathon. I don't think I could/would have said that 8 or even 4 weeks ago, but I could definitely see myself doing this again.

I will admit, it's scary, exciting, mental, and physical all in one.

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nikinikinine said...

how are you training (or should I say finding time to train) with the girls? I haven't dedicated myself to running since before the twins. I miss it. Until I go for my first run in what feels like too long and every step sucks. I'd like to train for a longer race again. I am just a mountain of excuses these days. (One excuse is at least a good one right now, ha!)