Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Catch up

I realized that I have blogged about M&L in a long time. Bad Mommy. I guess I could also say I haven't blogged consistently in a looong time. Bad Mommy.

M & L turned 4 this June and I am still in shock. How can my babies be 4 years old? We enjoyed the start of our summer with lots of time at the pool, a fun lake trip with 6 adults and 6 kids all 4 and under, a visit from my parents, birthday celebrations, and they went to "granny" camp with the in-laws.

When I recently returned to work, they transitioned from a 9-1 parents morning out/preschool program to full time daycare/PreK without too many bumps in the road. We have had to answer why their "old" friends aren't all coming to the new school and I haven't quite figured out how I will answer why their good friend, WT is going to Kindergarten.

Maddy can be sassy, shy, inquisitive, analytical, and is still our little engineer. She watches how things work and usually knows what to do to fix them. She has the mind of a steel trap and remembers that she put her baby inside the chest, by the chair, under the blanket, etc. Or that yes, I have one applesauce left and sure enough, I will find it in the fridge. She loves music and especially a toy piano, and princess book that has a piano attached to it. Some days, she is our kissing bandit, showering us with kisses for no reasons. She is helpful and sweet, but can also be stubborn. Hmmmm ... wonder where she gets that!?

Libby is loud, loyal, sweet, and can be a little sneaky. She loves to play, to engage others, and to "read" us stories at nighttime. I will say, C and I are both blown away by her ability to memorize/read to us. She can basically recite Brown Bear, Corduroy Goes to the Doctor, Goldilocks & The Three Bears, and Good Night Moon. Sometimes, when you ask her a question like "Have you already had a snack?" she will answer "No" knowing good and well she just polished off animal crackers. Not sure how to best approach this - yes, it's lying. Does she do it to hurt anyone? No. Does she do it because she knows she can get another snack this way? Sure. We have started talking about what is telling the truth and what isn't and need to keep working on it.

They both basically have two speeds: asleep or wide-open. They run, but don't walk and are busy from the time they wake up. They do enjoy some Nick Jr. time and that will zone them out, but typically, they are on the move. Lately, they love to build houses out of blankets, toys, their small table and chairs. They also love a good picnic on the floor with their pretend food serving everyone coffee and pizza, or cookies, pretend babies (one is the Mom, Doctor, Sister, etc and the other the baby), draw, work in their green PreK readiness workbooks.

At their new school, they are in love with every puzzle, Candyland, the House/Kitchen area, coloring, and playing outside, and the "to-go" snack. Basically, a dixie size cup of snack to eat on the ride home. Libby will often tell me that she needs to get an extra for me since I haven't had any that day.

The inspire, surprise, frustrate, and amaze me on a daily basis. I am so proud to be their Mom. Truly the hardest thing I have ever done and the most rewarding. When I tuck them in at night, look at their pretty faces, and smooth their curls, I am so humbled that they are mine.

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