Friday, August 24, 2012

6 years

This blog is almost 6 years old. Wow.

I looked back at my first post ever: I guess it's a good sign that I was running then and I'm still running now.

I also found this old one ... back when every blogger was writing 100 things about me posts. I think I was struggling to complete that list!

This one was when I got "the call" after having my baseline mammogram that freaked me out. I am so thankful that everything turned out to be OK, but still get annual mammograms and am debating getting tested for the BRACA gene that scares me even more. What is crazy to me is this happened a few months before my Mom's diagnosis.

Looking back on my sweet babies. I still love these pictures of them.

And of course, documenting the belly. I can say, I wish I had more of these pictures ... even if they were just for me to look back and reminisce. I truly don't remember how enormous it was and that is probably a good thing.

Even though I certainly don't write every day, and have thought about shutting it down, it's still a great way to look back on the years and remember some of the stories that are long forgotten. It has been a great outlet for me and I'm thankful for the friends I have made along the way, both ones that I have never met in person and the ones that I see almost every day.


Jules said...

Finally!! ;)

jandi said...

Congratulations! and the way you write about your girls really touches my heart