Friday, June 29, 2012


    Avg Pace
Summary 1:14:45.8 7.00            10:41
1 10:34.4 1.00 10:35
2 10:22.3 1.00 10:22
3 10:30.1 1.00 10:30
4 10:46.2 1.00 10:46
5 10:25.0 1.00 10:25
6 11:09.4 1.00 11:09
7 10:56.6 1.00 10:57
8 :01.8 0.00 12:35 

So, everyone who knows me knows that I can am an over-analyzer. It is probably really bad if you were just talking about over-analyzing on a run this morning, but I just can't help it.

So, here is the deal ... look at these slow miles. What I am trying to figure out is the why. I looked at one of my runs along the same route from December and I was about 30 seconds - 1 minute faster per mile.

What I have going against me:

1. Hip is still hurting somewhat.
2. Breathing was off. That may have something to do with getting over some sinus stuff and that it was 75 degrees by 6AM this morning and humid.
3. My head

So, for the hip, I am icing 1x a day, have "prescribed stretches/strength moves" to do 2x a day, have a small insert for my shoe to balance out a minimally shorter leg, and use Biofreeze before my runs.

As far as breathing is concerned, I use my inhaler, but just felt out of breath more than normal. Can't do anything about the heat and humidity at the moment.

My head - well that is another post altogether. Not sure if I am just over-thinking everything and not getting in my groove.

Things I know ...

1. Need to keep up with my exercises and icing.
2. Definitely need to find a way to do yoga at least once per week.
3. Know that I need to get my head in the game and enjoy this experience.

Anyone else slow/having trouble breathing/finding their running-mojo lately?

1 comment:

Miche said...

It is probably a combination of all of it.

You have been working hard for a long time too so maybe you need a little break :)

In November of course.....

Good luck!