Monday, May 21, 2012

Where to go, what to do

I had the opportunity to serve in a big role (President) of my local Junior League. As much as it has been a sacrifice and true learning opportunity, it has also afforded me skills, strengths, and dedication that I didn't know I had. It pushed my limits, humbled me on so many occasions, and gave me so much more than I ever bargained for.

As the last few days of my term are coming to a close and my part-time job is over, I am now faced with a looming WHAT'S NEXT?

I have worked part time, but made this volunteer position a priority. I have relied on my husband, family, preschool, and sitters to take care of my children.

There is part of me that literally wants to lie on the sofa, eat cheese and wheat thins, catch up on all my reading, Mad Men watching, etc, but then part of me is itching to figure out the next phase.

So, I am applying for jobs, or trying to find jobs to apply to. I am working my connections and trying to make this next step one that will be positive, life-changing, and done for the right reasons.

I am trying to sit down on the floor and play princess, or color, or just sit and read without worrying about the computer, or email, or phone calls.

I am trying to enjoy time with the Hubby that we can just talk, or not talk, and not worry about the computer, or email, or phone calls, or agendas.

I am trying to spend time with my friends that have probably suffered during this experience. I know I haven't been as available as I would have liked and without those women, I wouldn't have been able to do this. I didn't mean to put some of our friendships on hold, but in some ways I feel like I have.

I am going to run a marathon ... that in itself is still a little unbelievable and after a hard-as-hell 6 mile run yesterday, I have realized that I have to get my mind wrapped around this.

I am hoping to use this blog more, get back into writing, and using this community for the positive messages that it does bring.

So, stay tuned!


Unknown said...

6.4 yesterday. not just 6.

Miche said...

I just inboxed you an opportunity :)

Jules said...