Sunday, December 11, 2011

Old school

Long story, but my cousin recently shipped us an artificial tree that she was no longer using.  We are "real tree" people, so I knew that we wouldn't use it this year, since we had already put up our tree, so I planned to store it.

My parents arrived and we decided that it might be pretty to put it up in our living room, especially since you can see that room from our street.

Mom pulled out the old school colored lights (small and large) and went to town.

We didn't use any ornaments, but the tree just gives off a soft glow.

Sigh. I really do love this time of year ... just wish that we all had time to slow down and enjoy it - a lesson I am trying to learn.

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Kelly said...

Such a pretty tree!

p.s I tagged you on my blog :)
(for all your spare time!)