Saturday, December 31, 2011

A look back and a look forward

2011 has truly been a whirlwind of a year ... I had to take a peek back at my 2011 resolutions.

Well, I did OK on some parts.

1. I did keep running ~ 428 ish miles this year and I ran two half's with a new PR of 2:09, a 5 miler, 5k, and 10k too.

2. Simplify/less stress.  Hmmmm, not so sure if I accomplished this one.

3. Something just for me.  Does President of the Junior League count?  The bikram yoga or photography classes sure didn't happen.

4. Job that I love.  Still trying - have a good contract job now, but it will end in Feb. sigh.  Maybe I'm not meant to work ... too bad that income thing gets in the way.

5.  Better mommy/wife/friend - I think I'm batting about a 50/50 here and it depends on the day.

I think the word busy sums up 2011.  I truly don't know what happened to the month of November and I keep trying to remind myself to slow down, breathe, and enjoy, but it doesn't always happen.

Our overall job situation was iffy.  And stressful.  And frustrating.  Hopeful for new beginnings in 2012 on that part.

So, looking ahead to 2012.

Running Goals

1. Run a marathon.  Ok, so there it is. In print.  On the internet.  Here goes nothing.

2. Run a 2:05 half marathon.

Can I just repeat #'s 2-5 for this year?

Possibly add a "figure out what the heck to do with this blog" resolution.  Running? Toddlers? I don't talk as much about love or Labradors anymore.  The big dogs are still around and still enjoying snacking off low tables, cleaning the floors after dinner, sunbaths, and belly rubs.

Looking forward to continuing to declutter/de-Christmasfy the house.  I have 4 trash bags ready to take to the Bargain Box thrift store and hoping to tackle the tree and decorations tomorrow.

So, here's to 2012!  Happy New Year!  Bring on 2012.


Mary Beth said...

Happy 2012!

emily said...

don't forget that you ran 3 miles before the 10k. because we are SO those girls. Cheers to a 2012 marathon!