Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Kelly tagged me recently and the deal is that you had to list 11 random facts, answer 11 questions, and then make up 11 questions, and tag 11 people.  Well, reading all of that wore me out, so I am cheating a bit and will just answer the questions she asked.

11 questions I am asking you!

1.  What is your favorite food? Oh so many. Cheese, salmon, a good salad, crabcakes, twice-baked potatoes, steak, flourless chocolate cake, e Can I just answer yes to this question?

2.  Coke or Pepsi? Really neither - I rarely drink sodas.  When I do, it would probably be a diet Coke. 

3.  Where did you go on your FIRST airplane ride? When I was in 2nd grade or so, to Cleveland, OH for my cousin's wedding.

4.  Favorite Christmas/Holiday tradition? Attending our Candlelight Christmas Eve service, then driving through a local neighborhood to see their amazing Christmas lights.

5.  What's your favorite Christmas song? Silent Night and Joy to the World

6.  Are you a morning or night person? Morning person, but more by habit, force, and coffee.

7.  If you work, and went to college, is your profession in the same field as your major? Actually, yes.

8.  What is your favorite state you have visited or lived in? Why? 

9.  If you won $1000 from a scratch off lottery ticket, what would you do with it? I would love to say something fun, but that $1000 would go to the regular ol' monthly bills.

10.  What's your stress reliever? RUNNING

11.  What was your first car? VW Rabbit nicknamed "Bucky" since I learned to drive a stick using it.

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