Saturday, November 19, 2011

Days, Um 15 - 19

Ok, so one of my friends gently reminded me that I am waaaayyy behind on my days of thankfulness, so I will try to wrap up my week.

Thankful for a new half marathon PR - 2:09:46. I didn't see that one coming, so it really made me proud.

Thankful that I had the ability to hear Dee Dee Myers speak on why women should rule the world. In a room of nearly 1,000 women and a handful of squirming men, it was a very inspiring luncheon, with a few aha moments along the way.

Thankful for coffee this week. On rainy days, it makes me feel cozy.

Thankful for friends who help me keep it real. Fo' real tho.

Thankful that our JLG magazine, The Evergreene hit mailboxes yesterday ... a week earlier than scheduled and that it is truly full of great articles.

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Emily said...

Fo' real. love ya, girl. :)