Sunday, June 12, 2011

June 12

Today was our minister's last day at our church. It's hard for me to wrap my mind around how someone who you may only 'think' about once a week is so ingrained in our lives. I'm assuming because he serves as our portal to God, if that is a proper description for a minister.

As I listed to his sermon today, I cried. I thought about hearing him preach for the first time, meeting with him during our pre-marriage counseling sessions, the night of our rehearsal dinner, the beautiful sermon he gave on our wedding day, how we consoled us and prayed with us when Maddy and Libby were in the NICU, and provided us with uplifting messages when we needed them and when we thought we didn't.

Everyone around us was crying and it was almost surreal seeing grown men sob over what so many would see as a promotion and a time of congratulations.

He told us to always remember the mission of our church and that did ring true with me. You have to always go back to the basics and that is true for so many things. Relationships, parenting, houses, exercise, clothes, food, etc.

Yes, our church won't be the same without him, but his twelve years of service have made so many remarkable changes, but I will remember the basics.

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