Monday, April 11, 2011

Parenting Fail

This afternoon, Maddy, Libby, and I had fed the dogs, gotten a snack ( a very specific TWO graham crackers and goldfish) and were hanging out. Maddy had wandered out of the room to go to the potty, and I looked up and didn't see Libby. I had also started a load of laundry, reviewed some paperwork, etc. ie. Not fully engaged. I listened for footsteps or the scream of "Mommy! I pottied ... I want candy!", but I heard nothing. I went through the house and looked in the office where they sometimes play and noticed our front door open. Not the outer door, but our inner wooden door, but I knew I hadn't opened it. I quickly glanced in the yard to find it empty, then I started up the stairs when a man knocked on my door asking if I was looking for twin girls. With my heart in my throat, I ran out into the yard with him and found them with another man. The "what-if's" are still running through my head and I can't even go there right now. One of the men lives on our street and I never found out if the other man was a neighbor or just driving through. Both girls were wearing their princess shoes, Maddy was carrying her mouse, and Libby had her water bottle. They were two houses down from ours and that seems worlds away to me. My BIG note to self from today ... no more half-assed paying attention, I'm checking all door locks, and may really feel the need to install an alarm that goes "beep-beep" when the door opens. We had several talks about not opening the door without Mommy, Daddy, or a big person. I plan to have several more. Hug your little ones and say your prayers. I almost didn't write this post, but I know how easy it is to get preoccupied with other "priorities" and as women, we call ourselves multi-taskers and know we can do it well, but it may not be worth the outcomes.


LauraC said...

How scary! I am so sorry to hear this!

We have a lock we installed on the front and back doors at a height the kids can not reach. It is just a simple hinge that locks into place so the door will not swing open if they unlock it.

Thank you for sharing!

Jules said...

oh no. i know you freaked. wait till they are on the phone with their friend and then ask you what time you go to bed, and you say about 11, and then they whisper to their friend "ok, i'll see you at 11:01 in the street"

Jamie said...

Super Scary...I have the same fear. We rarely open our front door just for that reason. Both back doors have those safety covers that the kids cannot turn.
I am glad that you found them, and they were safe.

Best of luck on the Potty Training...we are walking down the same street.

Miche said...

My nephew did this. He wandered down the street to his aunt's house 4 houses away in one of those planned neighborhoods. So not in the country but still.....

My SIL woke up to her BIL holding him at the door at 6 am!

They now have locks at the tops of the ones Laura has mentioned

Kenneth said...

Ack! So scary and could definitely happen to any of us so thank you for posting this! We also have a lock up high on one door but he can now open the other door so we need another lock.

I'm guilty of asking Will to "let the dog in" which means he knows all too well how to get out.


Bella Michelle said...

Oh my goodness, I know you must still be sick over the "what ifs". But, God was with your little princess (see...they have the shoes to prove it! LOL) I would imagine since they have each other, they may be bolder than a single since they have a partner in adventure. We had the alarm beeps when ours were young (well, still do...) for that reason because I felt like my youngest was just bold enough to decide to visit the neighbors or head to the beach...who knows??? (((hugs)))