Thursday, March 10, 2011

Social media

Question for you lovely readers out there.

I know we all use social media on a daily basis. We Tweet, we blog, we Facebook, we Stumbleupon, etc.

Does anyone have any good books on B2B social media and marketing strategies?

Interested in what the big dogs are doing and who's doing it right.


Miche said...

I think I know why you are asking this but I do want to note one thing anyway.....

The businesses on FB that are posting every 10 minutes are NOT doing it right. Ok?

Sarah Wyland said...

I get a lot of my info on social media from I also recommend signing up for Sarah Evans' newsletter. I get it every morning and there are always at least two stories that I learn something new from.

MER said...

Drop me a note ( I have some good links to websites that I've used at work.