Saturday, January 15, 2011

What I'm loving

I was picking up birthday gifts this summer and one of the people in line was buying a book called BrainQuest. We started talking about these and he told me that he had been buying them for his son since he was 2. I decided to pick up a pack of these for Maddy and Libby.

At first, they weren't really into them, but as of late, they are slightly obsessed.

These little books are full of pictures and questions that are geared to build your child's vocabulary. Maddy and Libby looove them and are constantly asking to "Read Max." (Max is the main character of the little vignette stories for the one we have.) There are 3 books with pictures on each side, so there are lots of options and you don't get bored reading them over and over.

For example, for the one we have, one picture may show a school room and you ask your child different questions about "where could they hear a story" or "color a picture" and some open-ended like what else can they do at school. The next page will have specific questions about items found in a school classroom, or different activities they do at school.

The one we have is for 2-3 year olds and they go up into the teen years and with different topics. I have been impressed at what questions they could answer on their own, and what they have retained from reading these books.

I just noticed that they have ABC and Counting ones for their age and I think that those may show up for Valentine's Day or Easter.

They are wonderful and may be my new go-to gift for friends. I have seen them locally at Barnes and Noble and also at our local toy store, Toys and Co.

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MER said...

My sister loves these, and I've had fun reading them to my niece and nephew. What a great concept.