Monday, January 24, 2011

Potty all the time, potty all the time, potty all the tiiime.

Sorry, but I just can't help it.

Ok, parents of potty-trained children, I need your help. I've been afraid to really start this process, but I think it's time to get serious.

Libby (finally) went on the potty last night before her bath and was the proud recipient of lots of applause, hugs, and 2 Elmo stickers. I definitely think I will change stickers to MnM's when we are in serious mode, but right now, I know that I always can find a sticker, even if I'm pulling it off a banana.

So, what else do I need?

I have the children, two potties, two potty seats, big girl panties, and the Patty Potty panties that are super thick. We have 2 hand me down Potty Books and one DVD from a friend, plus the Potty Animals book that seems a little too old for them. It talks more about making sure you shut the toilet seat and I'm just in the going on the potty stage.

Did you have a favorite book or DVD? Pull Ups or No ... what's your opinion? Anything that worked for your family? Moms of multiples, did you train them at the same time or try to get your stronger pottier trained first and hope the second will follow?

I promise that one day I will use this blog for some constructive blogging and not potty training questions. A friend of mine posted today that she misses blogging and I do, too. Just struggling with putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard some days.

Maddy, Libby, and the landfills of North Carolina thank you.


Sarah said...

When potty training my younger daughter, I didn't bother with PullUps. We stuck to being in the house for about a week/week & a half and she had panties on 24/7. LOTS of accidents and many hours logged on the potty later, she was pretty much all potty, all the time. Potty boot camp, if you will. With my older daughter I used pullups and it took awhile. Partly because I had the fall-back knowing it wouldn't be a big deal if she had an accident & she knew it wouldn't be different than a diaper.

Good luck! The diaper free days are in sight!

Ladybug's Picnic said...

Ok, so both of my girls basically trained themselves so I'm not MUCH help. But Claire just trained (at just shy of 2 1/2) so I feel like we're still kind of in-process. No pull-ups during the day, I only used them at night, for both girls. Simply because they were so good during the day, no accidents ever - but overnight they were really only dry half of the time. Charlotte was in overnight pullups (we called them night-night underpants) for a few months and Claire's still in them - it's been about 2 months. GOOD LUCK!

Oh, and for incentives I did a sticker chart IN the bathroom, right next to the potty, hanging on the wall. Once the sticker chart was full they could choose something special, a toy, book, etc.

Goddess in Progress said...

Oh, good times! :-)

I wasn't in love with any particular books, but I had a lot of friends who SWORE by the Elmo potty DVD.

We used pull-ups for nap and overnight (still use them for overnight), but that's it. I don't think they're a useful tool for actual training, only for keeping the sheets dry when they're sleeping.

I trained one at a time. I went boot-camp method: one Saturday morning, we put on undies, and I watched her like a hawk. Literally glued to her side. Only put on pull-ups for nap and overnight. Sent the other kid out for most of both weekend days with Daddy - better to have them both out of my hair so I could really REALLY focus. I've got an e-book I can email you (PDF) that I used as the basic framework. Worked great. Which is not to say there were no accidents after the intensive weekend, but it did seem to click. My son took a lot longer, every kid is different, but ultimately we took the same approach.

Even with a kid who trains pretty easily, it can feel exhausting. Just hang in there.

LauraC said...

We trained the boys separately because Nate was ready months before Alex. I think you have to deal with each duo differently depending on the kids.

We also did a booty camp and that worked great. Give them as much juice as possible and just plan to do nothing but potty train for a few days and not leave the house.

We used pull ups for the first few weeks when we needed to leave the house. Alex still wears one overnight.

It is SO NICE on the other side with no diapers to change!!

And BE THANKFUL you are potty training girls instead of boys :) This is one place where I truly believe there is a fundamental difference.

Shannon said...

Hey Susan friend - long time, no see!
We have two girls and two boys, all singletons. I chose to potty train without pull-ups as well, and this worked well for our family. I cleared my calendar, purchased thick, white training pants, M&Ms, and cartooned undies. Prevention is my middle name, so I put our child(ren) on the potty every half hour. Sometimes I would read, other times I would sing. If they had success, then they got a hug, a song and an M&M. After one week, I stopped the M&Ms, but I continued on with the hug and song. Eventually, I stopped singing and kept the praise to "good job!" If they were dry all night long, then they were able to start their day with cartooned undies instead of the boring white ones, and my children LOVED this! Somehow, Dora and Spiderman on the derriere is exciting! It's important for you to relax during the process. Sometimes kiddos aren't ready. If it becomes frustrating for you or the girls, then I suggest waiting a few weeks or so and then try again. This happened with my Rachel, and on the second try we had immediate success. My girls were so much easier to train than my boys. The girls each took less than two weeks to be completely dry day and night, but my boys each took about two months. Get ready to cheer; you are all gonna do GREAT! :)
---Shannon (Benda) Slusser