Monday, January 03, 2011

Ok, so I lied.

That 5 pounds that I said I wasn't going to worry about? Well, that was a lie.

I do want to lose a few pounds and be more healthy (through the cleaner eating, running, exercise, etc.)

Will I stress if I never have a flat stomach again? No. I'll just keep pulling my jeans up over my twin-skin and know that it will be OK.

Hubby has joined a weight loss challenge with some friends, so if one of us is going to be watching what we eat; it's just as easy for both of us.

Plus, I was already paying for my Weight Watchers online membership, I decided to log back into today and use it.

So far, so good. The first day is always hard and it took every smidgen of self control that I had not to eat Maddy and Libby's leftover goldfish. (I didn't.) Hubby and I also did the P90X DVD tonight which was a hard, but good workout.

So, here's to coming clean about my lie-filled resolutions.

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*HoLLy and AdAm TOwNeR* said...

I came across your blog by pushing the next blog button at the top. I love that you and your husband are working towards the same goal. I am really curious about the P90X video. On a scale of 1-10, how intense is it?