Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Trying to get back on the horse

After a couple of friends who read my blog, and even Hubby started asking me why I haven't been blogging, I figured it was time to check in.

I'm still here ... just haven't been writing. I didn't really mean to take a break, but it just happened.

I'll blame it on travel-work stuff-holiday preparations-cold/sinus thing-writers block-reading a good book-telling Maddy and Libby "don't touch that" multiple times a day, etc.

So, what is on my mind?

It's December 9 and I still can't find the candles for our windows.

My tree is half-decorated. Partly to keep ornaments out of two year old hands, but partly because the boxes are still in the basement.

I'm making a soup with Velveeta for dinner and I had to ask where it was at the grocery. It's not refrigerated and that kind of grossed me out. What is Velveeta, because it sure as heck isn't cheese.

Fifth half marathon for the year isn't gonna happen. The above cold/sinus thing has kept me from running since Thanksgiving, so I'm giving myself an extension and trying to run 5 within 12 months. My goal, my rules.

My cousin sent Maddy and Libby a Jingle Bell Elmo and I have heard Jingle Bells via Elmo about 10,000,000 times a day.

It is freezing here in NC. It snowed on Saturday and the snow is still lingering. It's just unheard of for here.

I am loving all of the holiday crafts that M&L are making in preschool. Mitten shaped paper ornaments, popsicle stick stars with paint and glitter, red poinsettias. Cute.

Oh, and did I mention that I lost my job? Yeah, not I what I needed/wanted/expected to happen, but I'm wrapping up a final project and will be finished by Christmas. I try to keep things happy and full of rainbows and sunshine here, but I just feel like it's not being truthful if I don't mention it. My new mantras include "everything happens for a reason, put on your big girl panties and deal with it, and don't forget to take those happy pills."

But, life does go on ... Hubby and I celebrated 5 years of wedded bliss in November, we are healthy, our children are healthy, I enjoyed a much-needed girls trip to New Orleans the weekend after I found out about the layoff, and I do believe that everything will work out.

So, that's it in a nutshell.

And just so I'm keeping this full of rainbows and glitter ...

"Keep your face to the sunshine, and you cannot see the shadows." - Helen Keller


Newlywed Hostess said...

Welcome Back! I know sometimes, life catches up with you and you just have to take a break. Glad to have you back though!

Jillian, Inc said...

*hi* Honestly, I was just thinking last night I hadn't seen anything from you in my reader for awhile. Of course, I haven't posted since May - got divorced this summer and my whole world came tumbling down. I'm better now but the holidays will be a bit tough. This will be a fun Christmas with your 2yo's!! So cute they are doing crafts. Good catching up with you!

Jamie said...

HI! Glad to know you are still around, but completely understand the time away.
I am sorry to read about the layoff, you will be in my thoughts and prayers as you look for something else.
I, too, love the crafty ornaments and such from the two kiddos...although, I have not received an ornamant yet- I bet they do those on MWF when mine are at home. Ha-ha!
Wishing you the Merriest of CHRISTmas'.

LauraC said...

Sorry to hear about your job! Dang.

And with all the miles you ran, I think a 60 mile walk should count for something, right?

PS. It's cold here too WAH. This is the weather I wanted to leave behind in Chicago.

Miche said...

Yuck! I'm sorry to hear about your job. The good news is more time with the girls right :)

In fact, if you get really bored with your angelic 2 year olds I'll drop my 9 week old off just to make sure you have your hands full ok?

Aside from that everyone needs a break from the blogosphere every so often. We have all been there but you were missed!


Heather said...

Little kid crafts are the best, especially at this time of year! I am sorry about your job. I hope something even better is around the corner. And finally, this cold has got to go, right? I am in Raleigh and we are freezing too...

Sarah said...

Ugh, I lost mine 2 wks before Thanksgiving... I can definitely relate- It's been kind of hard to "get in the spirit" this year. I know my motivation for A LOT of things I normally would have already had done is gone.

Christmastime is so much fun with little ones though! And I am LOVING preschool crafts too! We also have the popsicle stick snowflake, and (one I've never seen before) a Dixie cup covered in foil with a pipe cleaner handle & a jingle bell glued inside! Enjoy the holidays!