Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Half #3 by the numbers

Hours it took to drive to Virginia Beach ... almost 5.

Hours it took before we actually got on the road to leave ... almost 4.

Trips to the Doctor before we got on the road ... 1.

Trips to Rite-Aid once we made it to Virginia Beach ... 2.

Trips to the half marathon Expo ... 2.

Number of running t-shirts purchased ... 2.

Meals that consisted of carbs ... too many to count!

Race Day wake up time ... 4:15am.

Pots of coffee on race day for our group ... only 1.

Number of runners who were ready to get out of our cars and yell at the nice policeman who almost wouldn't let us out of the neighborhood to drive to the start because our road was supposed to be closed for traffic at 4:30 am ... 15!

Number of policeman who decided he didn't want to deal with 15 women ... 1.

Porta pottie trips pre-race ... 2.

Number of Elvis' seen at the race ... 3.

Number of pace bands worn for the race ... 2.

Number of times on the pace bands that I actually hit ... 0.

Number of miles that I felt good ... 4. (Miles 1-4)

Number of miles that I had leg cramps ... 4. (Miles 9-13)

Finishing time of the day ... 2:21.

Number of minutes faster than last year ... 6.

Number of minutes slower than my typical training runs this summer ... 6.

Number of ice cream cones eaten post race ... 1. (Best hot day, post run treat ever!)

Number of naps taken over the weekend ... 3. (Two short ones by the pool, one decent one inside with the fan.)

So, all in all, it was an OK race. I did beat last year's time, but the leg cramps? Who knows!? All I know is when the 2:15 pacing group passed me and I could only stay with them for a few minutes, I knew I was in trouble. I think it mentally defeated me and I slowed down. I tried to speed up towards the end, but just didn't feel like I had it in me and I couldn't seem to get rid of the cramps ... I ate, I drank, I stopped and stretched on a curb, but nothing helped until I stopped running.

I also think that any of the Rock & Roll races are well done. This is my 3rd that I've participated in and you can always count on a good course with lots of support, a big expo with lots of great vendors, bands and entertainment, and good after race supplies (Va. Beach has icy towels, popsicles, water, and Cytomax at the finish, along with bananas, a food bag, and of course your medal.

About half of our group had PR's and the other half wasn't overly excited about our times, but we did it and that's the important thing.

Now to really figure what races will be numbers 4 and 5 this year!


MER said...

Congrats! This is an accomplishment! You should be proud :-)

Emily said...

You did a great job, Susan! I'm sorry about the leg cramps! What in the world?!

Jules said...

Woot Woot!

Marcela said...

Congrats to you!!!!