Thursday, September 16, 2010

Brain Dump

I had a college professor who would assign free-writing assignments every week. You were to open your notebook and just write whatever was on your mind. It was a great way to just start writing or get over writer's block. From all the gibberish, there were usually a couple of good topics to develop.

Some days, I feel like I need to do this, but I usually can't even wrap my head around what I want to say.

This week would be a little like this ...
  • A collective 18 miles (ran 6, walked 12) = longest distance I've ever done in one day.
  • Extra 5 pounds from all the crap I think I can eat when I move my body 18 miles in one day.
  • Dialing for dollars.
  • Overdue highlights.
  • Overdue pedicure.
  • Need to pack
  • I was "that" Mom carrying two screaming toddlers down the sidewalk at school. I really hate being that Mom. I will admit that I probably showed my ass by raising my voice, but it makes me crazy when I have no control over 2 little girls who are running into a parking lot. Not cool.
  • Dog hair.
  • Need clothes, but don't want to shop.
  • Self control
  • Looking forward to movie night with the girls.
  • Mom's radiation is over. Big hurray! Now, one more monthly medication/treatment until April to worry about.
  • My Meme's house sold yesterday. This is where my Mom grew up and where some of my first memories are from. Sad that I wasn't there to say goodbye.
  • Who knew that when your BlackBerry goes crazy, the Verizon guy will just tell you to take out the battery and reinsert.
  • Invisalign.
  • Money Trees.
  • I have to walk 60 miles in 3 weeks!
  • Pumpkins
  • Recipes, and Weight Watchers
  • Big girls forming cognitive thoughts ~ Libby, while pointing to her leg. "Boo-boo." Me: "Yes, you do have a boo-boo." Libby: "I fall down."
  • Down pillows, down comforter, and a fan. Night, night.

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Sarah said...

I just did kind of a brain-dump post too... I'm glad to hear your mom is making progress!