Monday, August 02, 2010

Random Monday Ramblings

  • I've run 500 miles so far this year. My total for 2009 was a little over 500, so it feels pretty good to beat that already. Not sure if I'll make it to 1,000 ... I'll have to get in some serious miles in the next 5 months to do so.
  • I was starving this morning when I got to the grocery, so I did the trick that I see parents do for their kids all the time. I found a snack (Luna Blueberry Bliss bar), opened her up, and inhaled it. I saved my wrapper and gave it to the check out person who looked at me a little oddly. I felt like she was going to tell me, "You know, you could have shoved that wrapper in your purse and we would have never known."
  • When I was leaving the grocery, I had a man ask for 80 cents for the bus and he would unload my groceries for me. I had exactly no cash money on me, so I had to tell him no. Not that I would have let him unload my groceries for me, but I might have been willing to give him a little change. How sad is it that I didn't have 80 cents? Do you think bus fair is really 80 cents, or I wonder in the land of begging for money, if people are more likely to give you a dollar if you ask for less. I'm sure there is an art to the salesmanship of it.

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