Thursday, August 05, 2010


We're moving to NYC ... Ok, ok, not really, but we'll be living there for 5 days this fall. Does that count? Yeah, probably not, but I'm pretending.

Hubby is running the NYC marathon again this year and we decided to make a little vacation of it since it's also near the time of our five year anniversary.

We were looking at hotels, debating if we wanted to return to where we stayed last year, and on a whim, decided to look at

We've used vbro in the past and have had good experiences. Once, we rented a neat architect's home in Key West, and another time we stayed in a condo at Wrightsville Beach. We found two apartments that we liked and found out yesterday that the one we really wanted was available.

It's kind of exciting to feel like you're actually living in that location and not just visiting. We'll have a doorman, a great city view, 2 blocks from Central Park, close to the museums, shopping, etc. Plus, who doesn't love drinking coffee at "home" each morning, as opposed to dropping $10 each morning at Starbucks. Maybe I'll be like the scrunchie girl from Sex in the City who thinks that Carrie and Berger actually believes she lives in NYC.


Jamie said...

I am jealous (not really) but you get to live in not in a posh hotel, but really live there (even if it is a short period of time). Wow-ee, Wow-Wow!!! Soak in some atmosphere for me...

Miche said...

Fun! We have had great luck with VRBO too. For our wedding in St. Thomas we booked three houses for our families and the entire wedding party plus ourselves. It was great. Have fun and good luck to your hubby!

Barefoot in the Park said...

sounds like a fabulous way to celebrate years ... and hey, everyone deserves to live in NYC every once in a while (even if we are inner scruncie girls!)