Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Growing up

I know I've said this a thousand times and you all are sick of hearing it, but some days, I just can't believe that my babies are growing up. I swear they change overnight.

For instance, Libby has counted to four recently. On her own, not with me badgering her. She had placed 4 bathtub rings on her arm and as she took them off, she counted "1-2-3-4." They can both count higher if you ask them to repeat, but I was surprised that she did it on her own. She counted "1-2-3" as she walked up 3 steps tonight.

Also hearing them put together little sentences just amazes me. "Libby, shoes, outside." or "Here Mama, shoes." Maybe my girls are still a little obsessed with shoes!

It's been fun to see them start to pretend play more. Lately, they have been blowing bubbles with their spoons, making dinner in their pots and pans and looking for someone to sample their creation, and mothering their baby dolls.

While they can be very sweet to each other, they can also be quite mean. The sweet things have been patting each other backs, bringing one another blankies, doll, etc. Some of the mean times have included biting and pinching, so both of them have been spending some minutes in the time out chair. Once when Libby was in the time out chair for biting, Maddy brought her a toy. Think she'll be our sensitive child?

Enough rambling and sorry for no photos ... I need to charge camera batteries and maybe I'll get around to posting on a regular basis soon!

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Jamie said...

I love to hear the counting...each number seems so important; the age of innocence! because you that will all change once they figure out a $ can go in the from of that number...