Friday, July 16, 2010

Little Gym and discovering orifices

I decided to try out Little Gym today with Maddy and Libby. They had a good time even though they didn't come to the red mat and introduce themselves like all the other kiddies. Mine were too busy playing on all the equipment leaving me to sing "Twinkle Twinkle" by myself. They had a good time and I think they could really get into it after they learned the ropes a bit more. Some of the kids there were totally fearless and you could tell that they had been coming for a while.

It worked out that Hubby could meet us for lunch and we decided to get pizza at Cici's. Yep, it's cheap, but I will say that those people are working hard, the store had a 100.5 health code rating, and they are constantly asking if you need anything. Not too shabby even if the pizza is just OK. Maddy and Libby loved the pineapple, pasta, and breadsticks so everyone left happy.

While we were there, we looked over to see Maddy with a finger up her nose. Then, Libby stuck hers in her nose. While Hubby and I tried hard not to laugh, we just couldn't help it. Of course, they thought this was hilarious and refused to remove their fingers. I almost took a picture, but I decided against as I didn't want to encourage them anymore. Their interaction and "teamwork" always makes me laugh and scares me a little. I have a feeling I'll be doing whatever they demand in a few years when they tag-team me.

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